Rant: the lard works in mysterious ways.

The hardest part about weight loss is when you know you’re taking all the right steps but still are not seeing progress. I stepped on the scale this morning and wanted to cry. That happens sometimes.

When I was younger, back in 2010, weight was so easy to lose. It took six months to lose seventy pounds. I went from a size 22 to a size 12 at my fittest. I’ll even share some pictures – I mean just look at me. I was hiking and feeling great.

But long story short, my knee blew out while hiking, I re-tore a ligament and within a few months, all that weight came piling back on. Plus some in 2014-2015.

My weight has yo-yo’d ever since and it’s exhausting.

I was doing super well in January and February when I started feeling a little better. I was down almost 20 pounds from where I am now. And then COVID happened, hormones happened – and boom. Right back to where I was.

I know I hate it. It seems no matter what I try to do the weight won’t budge. Unless I cut out all things bread and heavy carbs. All the good things in life, am I right?

So, I’m back to the drawing board. Using the tape measure to measure progress and even that is fluctuating day by day.

All I can is… hormones – you’re killing me. I wish I was ten years younger and could do all the things I took for granted.

I miss hiking and photography. I miss having long and beautiful hair. There’s just so much that I miss.

Anyways, I’ll stop whining. We have a family call soon that I need to get ready for. I know my body is changing – my face is slimmer and my pants are looser in the legs.

But why can’t the lard gets it shit together and do what I want it do? Mysteries of the world I’ll never understand.

That said… I’m back to cooking healthy and enjoyable meals, posting new recipes and exercising every day. I just wish my body would cooperate and show some damn progress already.

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