Fitness: getting the most out of your exercise ball

A couple of weeks ago, I hit rock bottom with my weight gain. I had done so well from September to February. By end of March, I was at the lowest weight I’ve been in over five years. By end of April, I had ballooned right back up to where I was when I started this journey.

I won’t give numbers. Those aren’t important. My scale is out of whack – so I don’t bother with that.

In some cases, people add on weight – as they put on muscle when they work out. Check out my article here on how to measure progress without relying on a scale.

With depression from isolation and being cut off from everyone, I gave into food cravings and ordered in pizza on a weekly basis. I’m back into my fitness regime of cooking most of my meals. I have a healthy and low carb breakfast, with left overs for lunch – and cook a big and healthy supper.

I’m making snack foods like frozen yogurt (from scratch), fresh fruit and trying to avoid things like ice-cream and licorice.

I’ve found most success for weight loss when I exercise on a daily basis. I need at least forty-five minutes daily. I’ve started taking breaks from the computer in the afternoon to cook lunch and workout.

Here are my daily workouts that I have been doing from home. You will notice some results within just a few weeks of doing these. Great way to burn fat and build strength.

Stability Ball Workouts

It’s time to replace my exercise ball. It’s pretty deflated – but I can still get a decent workout with it. I lay down on my bed and push it with my legs like in the video below. For added calorie burning, I pump my arms or use dumbbells.


The exercise ball is also great for Pilates – which I used to be really good at when I was ten years younger. It’s harder on the knees and back now.

Exercise balls are so versatile – you can also use them for yoga, which is what I’ve started doing daily – usually when I take a break from the computer after lunch.


Fitness Blender Workouts

This is one of my go to channels for workout ideas. I also use a resistance band with handles to help build strength in my knee that pops out of joint. Arthritis does make it challenging to do high impact cardio – so I am always looking for different exercises I can do easily from home with what I already have.

Fitness Challenges and Struggles

The problem I face with fitness challenges is having complicated health issues like PCOS. Hormones can make it difficult to get the motivation to work out – but I know my body feels better after a good solid workout. Even just thirty to forty minutes a day helps.

Getting out in the sun helps too even if I just sit on the balcony or walk around the block a couple of times. Fresh air in the morning is a great start to the day. Then you come in to a warm cup of coffee and low carb breakfast – this is my goal for the next month or two.

While my progress with this challenge is frustrating and slow, I’m determined now more than ever to get into shape and continue as best as I can.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and workout suggestions and let me know what works for you in the comments.

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