Fitness: June update and fitness challenge

I took a few days break from blogging. Been mostly cooking, cleaning and finally got out for a bit yesterday afternoon. Got to see my dad and went for a drive with my sister. The city has lifted a lot of the restrictions and it feels good to get back to normal. Of course it started pouring on the way home. I took it as a sign from “above” and have stayed indoors today!

My doctor’s office phoned and said I could even come in next week for an appointment. My sister and I are hoping that things will relax a little more in the next couple of weeks and we can take turns helping out my dad. I know it’s wishful thinking but hey. I’m going back to see dad on Monday. I just wish we could give him a hug.

Life Updates!

Other good news – I got approved for a mortgage today! The rate was higher than I was expecting but about average. I can get as high as $215,000 which is pretty decent for a small home. I’m looking at townhouses and as a last resort, a condo. But I have stipulations.

If I move into another condo, it’s going to be a concrete building. It will have an elevator. And I will have private laundry. Those are hard to find. It seems that condo fees for townhouses are generally cheaper. But the property taxes – that is where the city gets you. All in all, cost of living will remain about the same if I budget carefully.

I found the townhouse of my dreams – and look at this kitchen. I hope it’s still available or on the market in December or January when I start looking. I mean that fridge alone and it’s in my price range. This is the dream home I’m looking for. But I have to be patient. Another 9 months.

The great news is I paid off my debt. I have one loan that I’m still paying off and that can be consolidated in with the mortgage. That means one less payment each month. I’m so happy about that!

Fitness challenge is slow going. My weight has ballooned again. I blame the weather or hormones. I’ve had a good few days with good energy and am back to working out. Cooking a LOT – like every meal. And spending more time in the kitchen and off the computer.

I’ve also spent a lot of time napping as I’m still not sleeping at night.

Food Adventures

But look – I finally made Dalgona coffee and it was DELICIOUS. Thanks Hilary, I took your advice and used my mum’s old Kitchen Maid mixer. It took about 8 minutes on high speed but it tastes so good. This is a great summer drink to have.

Dalgona Coffee

Rice Cooker Recipes

Tonight, I used the rice cooker and made some bow-tie pasta. I cooked up the vegetable sauce with some pepperoni and it tasted so amazing. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. I’m trying to work with new foods and explore new recipes. I also opened up my instagram again so feel free to wander over there and follow me. I mostly post food pictures and the odd music posts.

Bow-tie Pasta and Veggies

Frozen Yogurt

The other night I made a batch of strawberry frozen yogurt and it was delicious! I’ll share the recipe this week as well. It was easy to make and a very healthy and low carb snack. If I can whip this up, anyone can.


So, that’s been my week in a nutshell and my month end fitness progress report. I think I met my daily quota for exercise. I did not get out as much as I wanted to. We’ve had a lot of cold and rainy days. But I’m cooking more – ordering in less – and trying new foods to get out of this rut.

I’m sad to say that my weight has actually gone up. But I think some of that is hormones and muscles as I’m back to using my weights and doing resistance training.

Mostly Single

I did some work on the website over the weekend and I’m pretty pleased with the new layout and design. I’ve added some new tabs and organized posts for easier finding. I’m also working on back pings and getting better at following more blogs – once I figure out how to do that. I switched back to a premium profile – and am nearly 500 followers! Woot woot!

I’m getting back into artwork and so I’ll post pictures to my instagram account: (still keeping it on the down low for now).


And as per usual, I’m still seeking donations to help keep this website ad free. I’m also considering adding some services for fun like Tarot card readings and Healing Rune readings (faith based oracles). I’m might even order in some Shamanism based decks. We’ll see. I’m trying not to spend a lot of money this summer as I’m saving up for the down payment and moving costs.


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