Animal Kingdom and why you should watch the show.

I’ve been binge watching Animal Kingdom. I started watching it because I learned that Emily Deschenel of Bones was going to appear in season 4. But the show had me hooked after the first few episodes.

I found myself changing my mind on certain characters every episode. Like the first couple of episodes I was like, “Baz is a total sweetheart.” or “J is such a cute kid.”

To by the end of season 2, I was like, “Fuck Baz. He’s a dick.” (pardon my language). And now, nearing the end of season 4, “Screw J. He deserves whatever is coming to him.”

I went through phases where I thought everyone on the show was a terrible person. But slowly, the boys started growing on me.

True, Pope creeps me out. I feel like he could beat you to a bloody pulp without batting an eye. But at the same time, I’m weirdly attracted to the guy. Maybe it’s because he’s the only one who cares what happens to Lena or the family. His heart his often in the right place despite the fact that I’d fear he’d wake up in the middle of the night and smother me to death for looking at him the wrong way. But you know. He’s hot.

Completely psycho. But come on. He’s hot.

Smurf, just grosses me out. She’s weird with her boys. I mean, some of the scenes with Pope and J are so disturbing. Like, who walks in on their grandson while taking a shower naked?

But Smurf, played by Ellen Barkin is vicious. I mean, I thought Pope and Baz could snap and kill you without blinking an eye. But Smurf takes killing to a whole new level. She just hires someone else to do it for her.

And let me just say this. There’s a lot of nudity and sex in this show. I mean, a lot. Game of Thrones made me uncomfortable for that reason alone. But this show – in early seasons – I mean. Like every second scene was sex.

If I haven’t convinced you to watch the show yet, the eye candy alone is worth it.

TV sure has changed since I was a kid and grew up watching wholesome shows like Growing Pains and Family Ties. Now we have shows like this. That explore gay relationships openly.

Warning: most of these scenes have some sort of sex or violence in them. I mean, that’s pretty much the premise of the lavish Cody lifestyle. Which I think is the appeal of the show.

I also approve of their excessive use of the word asshole in this show.

If I haven’t convinced you by now to start watching Animal Kingdom – then maybe this little montage will. This show blows my mind. The heists alone are fun to watch. The show is truly about family and brotherhood. And what family would do for each other. The sacrifices the brothers make for each other.

I know what I’ll be doing tonight. I can’t wait for season 5!

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