Youtube Finds: Three healthy food channels you’ll love.


I’ve been relying on Youtube a lot these days for inspiration for new recipes that I want to try like the Dalgona coffee I mentioned earlier today. I thought I would share some channels that I’ve recently subscribed to.


This is a new discovery for me – as of the last month. But I binge watched some of the videos on this challenge and I found the recipes very easy to follow. Also, talk about a dream kitchen and dream home. I can understand why this channel has earned over a million subs.


This channel is hosted by Dzung Duong and has earned over 17 million views on Youtube. It wasn’t just Duong’s use of pastel colored mixing bowls that suckered me in. It was her videos like this one making Easy Healthy Rainbow breakfasts. This video alone has earned over 4.4 million views. That’s impressive.

The Domestic Geek

I discovered this channel last year when I was seriously getting back into the fitness challenge. The videos are well produced – and her kitchen is always sparkling clean which is a huge plus for me. Her bubbly personality won me over in the first video I watched for smoothie recipes. One thing I love is her ideas about the use of mason jars for storing food and making smoothies to last you a week.

What are your go-to channels for healthy recipe ideas? Let me know in the comments! Make sure to follow my blog for weekly recipes and fitness tips.

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