Mostly Single – Summer projects & updates!

Good morning dear readers! And happy Saturday to you.

I woke up at 6:45 am this morning on the dot which seems to be the new normal. I’m making it a goal to get out of bed and start my days early. I can always go for a nap later. I took out the garbage and went for a short walk around the block.

What a great start to the day! I feel good. Good energy and want to accomplish a lot today.

Mostly Single – totally revamped

I contacted WordPress last night and cancelled the business plan. My store had been up for two months but I had zero views on the artwork. So, the store is now gone. I still have an Etsy store that I’ve neglected. I’m working more on music these days. I went back to the premium plan which is about $300 cheaper. Since I’m trying to keep this website ad-free, I’ll stick with this for now.

I revamped the entire website last night! Make sure to check it out – I’m still working on the fitness and recipes pages. I’m going to try and keep things more organized from now on. I also added a music page so you can check out my latest releases.

I’m still working on the name for the blog. Trying to incorporate all my interests in one place. Sort of like a lifestyle magazine. Bare with me as I figure this out.

I love the new layout – it looks great. What do you think?

Summer Projects

I’m working on some new article ideas. Some summer projects I have in mind are:

Experiment more with cooking – with new gadgets and new ingredients to “spice” things up. This means trying new oils, herbs and things like that. For instance, I purchased instant coffee. This weekend I hope to make Dalgona coffee.

Grow herbs using an indoor planter – I already tried green onions and it worked well.

Health and wellness – I really enjoyed my six years working in the health and wellness field. I learned a lot – especially in coping with stress. I’m currently in therapy to manage anxiety – yeah, that’s really happening. It’s part of my return to work rehabilitation. So, I might share some techniques with you for that. And for other tips on living healthy.

Music podcast – I’ve been toying with this for a while. I think Friday nights might be a good time for a podcast. Still figuring out what I’m going to talk about. I still want to do theory lessons too. Just have to see how summer pans out. I need to invest in some more podcast equipment.

Life changes

I am still hoping to buy a small house or townhouse at the end of the year. One of the things I’m looking for is a nice kitchen with good lighting. Then I can record more videos for you. Where I live now – the kitchen is old. The counters are worn and the lighting is harsh. Even the appliances are starting to crap out on me. I’m renting, so I don’t care much.

But I dream of being a home owner. My family is behind me on this and will help me find a place I can afford. I’m hoping housing costs go down. Where I live will depend on where I wind up working in the fall.

For now, I have the summer to chill and “get healthy” and work on losing weight and getting in shape. I am really hoping that indoor pools open up next. I really want to get back into aqua fit classes and go twice a week. I need to lose weight. I just have to. That’s my number one priority. So eating clean, and healthy is a must!


It’s been just over a year since I started this blog. I haven’t spent much time marketing it. I was unsure about publishing a blog under my real name due to some personal situations. But I feel confident in the goals I’m trying to achieve. I also want to share what I learn over the summer.

All I can say is THANK YOU.

This blog went from 50 followers to almost 500 followers in just under a year. I used blogger for many years and had zero followers. This is amazing.


Are you tired of looking up blogs and websites only to be spammed with annoying pop-ups and videos? You won’t find that here. I’m doing my best to keep this website ad-free. But that also means a loss of potential revenue. If you’d like to help keep this website going, then please consider donating. Even $5 for a cup of coffee would help this artist out!


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As for COVID, our province is relaxing a little more on the rules. I’m looking forward to being able to see friends and family again. I still can’t see my dad but hope to be able to soon. It’s May long weekend in Canada – and I know I’m itching to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Whatever you do friends this weekend, stay safe. Look out for each other!

6 thoughts on “Mostly Single – Summer projects & updates!

  1. It’s great to see that you are experimenting with Dalgona coffee. How did you like it? I highly recommend using an electric mixer for this task (its a huge time saver!).

  2. Failed attempt even with the hand mixer…. lol. I’ll have to try again. Still tasted good though. Could get used to iced coffee.

  3. I use a kitchenaid mixer at the highest setting to make the whipped coffee. And that alone takes at least 10 minutes but it’s SO worth it. It’s so good, especially served over ice! ☕️💕

  4. Yeah my hand mixer didn’t do a great job. Might have to use the stand mixer! They’re great. I didn’t mix this well enough. Too grainy.

  5. Mine isn’t grainy at all…. super light and airy and fluffy. Yes, definitely use a stand mixer next time, at the highest setting! I literally just made Dalonga coffee after reading your last reply. Hehe

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