Fitness Update: week 2 update

The last week has been a bit rough so I haven’t been posting as much. I had two days that were a complete washout with migraines. It’s the weather – we had rain. Then sun. Then the threat of snow. Then rain. Then sun. You get the drill. A typical spring day in Edmonton.

But the constant change in pressure is a killer on the brain. I’ve also been experiencing some bad back pain – which I just learned is now an early warning sign of my hormones. Good to know. Put that one in my medical journal.

What’s Cooking

I’m starting to cook a lot more again. Tonight I made this delicious butternut squash spaghetti which was absolutely delicious. My stomach feels better for it. I’m starting to plan my meals a little better. I have my fridge stocked up with fruit – some will be frozen for longevity. But I take a lot of time planning my grocery list for specific recipes.

This week – I really want to try making Danish meatballs and my favorite, red cabbage – even though I ate the stuff for a week last month.

Butternut Squash is becoming a new favorite of mine. It’s delicious – and cooking it as spaghetti is so tasty.

Health Issues

Dealing with the symptoms of early menopause and PCOS can make you feel really sick sometimes. There are days you don’t feel like eating. I rely on easy foods and was bad with heavy carbs. So, today, eating light, mostly vegetables felt good. I feel better – with lots of energy.

Migraines – I’ve only had a couple in the last few months. I’m starting to slowly feel better. A regular sleep schedule, daily exercise, and some fresh air is really helping – a lot.

Isolation Life

I got a lot accomplished today. My bedroom is totally clean. The bedding was washed and sheets have been changed. I have pillows in the washer now. There is nothing finer than having a shower before bed and climbing into a clean smelling sheets. Am I right? It’s glorious.

Yesterday, I was so bored, that I spent the entire day sorting through hundreds of pages of sheet music I had printed over the last ten years. I found music I forgot I had. Whole books of classical music. Now I’m determined to record those cover albums I’ve been saying I would do. This will keep me busy for a while.

It felt good to get that all organized and put away. Finally. I’ve been putting it off. Today, my challenge was to get the kitchen under control.

Tomorrow – clean the fridge, oven and floors. Spot cleaning. Not my favorite thing to do.

I’ve done a lot of research into buying my first home. I’m torn on what to do. I will have to wait and see what the market holds for me in December. I hear that’s a good time to start looking. My lease is up in April and I so long to own a place of my own.

Life Changes

I have mixed feelings because a house is so much work for one person. But condos and townhomes are risky investments. If I could find a stand alone townhouse without condo fees – perfect situation. Or a duplex. I’m hoping the house prices and interest rates go down.

I also had a therapist session today. My doctor recommended it. Normally, I would say – nope. No thanks. But you know what? Sitting at home all day, cut off from the world. It’s like talking to a friend every two weeks. I just need that contact from someone who makes no judgment. Plus over the phone is just easier for me.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. I haven’t felt like writing but thought I should get something out there for you fine folks today.

I’m enjoying a chilled glass of rum and coke (first in a couple of weeks) and watching documentaries on Youtube. This week I’m back into Mount Everest and dangerous mountain climbs. I’m just fascinated with it all.

How are you coping this week? What are your fitness goals? How are you making the most of your time at home? Let me know in the comments!


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