Isolation Weekend: Netflix Watch List

Nearing the 8th week of isolation. What has changed in my life? Where am I today? Honestly, not much is different. Except maybe there is a permanent indent in my recliner where my butt sits down to watch Netflix.

I’m so bored of binge watching tv series that I’ve now gravitated towards documentaries. My brain is craving to learn something new. It’s been filled with gruesome scenes from shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino.

I mean, they were brilliant scenes of violence. But… one can only take so much violence in a sitting.

I was actually sifting through the interweb to see if I could find any old cartoons from when I was a kid. That’s the phase I have entered now.

That humming noise is still there. I went to pick up groceries yesterday and could still hear it slightly. It’s louder while at home. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I am going slightly insane.

But here’s my list of what I’m going to watch this weekend. Oh yeah. I’m back exercising and so I guess that’s a bonus.

  • Roman Empire (so much for a break from violence – this was one of the most bloody times in history.
  • Ancient Aliens (for a good laugh – but it’s interesting)
  • Myths and Monsters (because, why not?)
  • Absurd! Planet (because again, why not?)
  • Cooked (a four part documentary on the origins of cooking – it’s delightful)
  • Aliens of the Deep (James Cameron explores the Mariana Trench – not on Netflix)

I also have been meaning to watch that movie Parasite, but have been avoiding it because it’s all subtitles. It’s sad that my attention span can handle a two hour movie with subtitles. But there it is.

I’m also enthralled by discovery shows on ancient or hidden underground cities and other treasures. I wish Netflix had more shows like this!

What are you watching this weekend?

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