Fitness Goals: May 2020

It’s already second week of May and I’m into the second month of isolation. Let’s just say that the isolation isn’t agreeing with me anymore. I’ve complained about it before – but now it’s getting to the point that my weight ballooned right up to where it was when I started this blog last year.

All the work that I put in over the last ten months – gone – because I got depressed for a couple of weeks over not being able to go anywhere.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and nearly cried. I’m down a couple of pounds today. But I need to make more of an effort to watch what I eat and cut back on bread. I think it was the spinach dip and bread that did me in.

I have an order coming this morning of 95% healthy food. Hoping to get on the right track.

So, albeit late, here are my fitness goals for May 2020.

  • Get up by 8:00 am every morning
  • Go for walks – every other day
  • Get some sun every day – even if it’s just sitting on the balcony
  • Work out every day – even if it’s just stretching
  • Spend more time cooking and trying new recipes
  • Work on music theory 3x per week

I think this is a good start. I gave up creating goals based on weight loss progress because that is not how my body works. I know my legs are sore and am getting more cramps. That’s a sign I need to move more.

So, I’ll leave you with this.

It’s a bright and sunny day. I was up at the crack of 7:30 this morning. I’ll have a shower. Clean out my fridge. Take out my garbage. Go for a short walk. Clean my kitchen. And cook something fabulous that I can share with you tomorrow.

I made an amazing pork chop dish the other night with eggs, broccoli and corn. I’m definitely making that sometime soon again.

Happy Thursday everybody. What are your fitness goals?

4 thoughts on “Fitness Goals: May 2020

  1. I keep track of my workouts as well. I think having a list like yours and putting it where I see it everyday would help me!!! We will see!!

  2. Yes — it keeps me on track lol. I am hoping the indoor pools open in June so I can join some classes too. I do have time to kill lol.

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