Sunday Morning Musings

For the first time in forever, I slept through the night last night. I can’t believe it. I went to bed late – around 2:30 after working on my youtube channel. And woke up bright eyed at exactly 7:30 am.

Five hours of sleep may not seem like very much for most people. But for me, that’s a good night. For an insomniac with sinus issues, that’s a VERY good night.

I invested in a humidifier this weekend and already within 24 hours, I can feel the difference. If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve been battling epic sinus issues. Sometimes I wake up with a choking feeling because my nose is so stuffed up.

But this morning – I can actually breathe. My nose feels “moist”. Even my skin feels smoother. After just one night.

I bought one of the bigger units from Vicks for $70. The unit I wanted wasn’t in stock and they gave me the kid’s humidifier that comes with a sleepy time projector. I had a bit of fun with that last night. It was cool. We never had things like that as a kid. I would have loved it.

So, all in all. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

The sound takes a while to get used to. The gurgling of the water kept me up for a bit But once I was out, I was out for the night.

I spent most of the day yesterday in the kitchen. I cooked a healthy dinner – green salad, baked potatoes and Italian chicken – I cheated on the chicken. Then I threw some red cabbage into the slow cooker. So delicious.

I also need a new slow cooker. I’m having a hard time getting rid of mine. My mom was so pleased with herself when she gave me it for my birthday. She bought a slow-cooker and a smaller crockpot and didn’t know what the difference was. I remember the look on her face when someone told her it was the same thing. But every time I use them – I think of her and smile.

My weight – don’t even get me started. It’s not good. I’m back exercising every day and trying to watch what I eat. I went to the grocery store yesterday with my faithful friend Wally. It felt good to get out of the house.

We use the pick up service and it’s pretty good. I now have a fridge fully stocked of vegetables and fruit.

So, what to cook today? I think I’m going to have some left red cabbage, left over baked potato and maybe some ham. Yeah. That sounds good.

I’m uploading weekly Sunday music sessions. Here’s volume two. Please consider subscribing to my channel. It’s lonely. And youtube is fixing the error as we speak. I do not compose children’s music.

Have a great Sunday.

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