Sunday Music: Peace, Love, Joy

It’s been a pretty productive Sunday thus far. I was up and out of bed by 8 am. Mostly dressed if leggings count and had my coffee and breakfast in hand by 8:30.

I spent most of the morning on the piano and on Spotify looking for good music to listen to. Filling my days with sunshine, positive thoughts and music.

I’m going to hop in the shower later, and head out for a walk. Even if it rains. Because I love the rain.

I just uploaded a video which took most of the morning to do for youtube and my extended family. As many of you know, I’m the organist for a local church. Our members are mostly seniors who live alone. I’m worried about them and send them music weekly to brighten up their day.

Today’s volume is “Peace, Love and Joy” – spreading happiness and love out to the universe.

Can you tell I’m in a good mood? I got my benefits finally and for the moment, am nearly debt free. Just one loan to pay off. The credit debt is gone. And I managed to put some money into savings. What a relief.

I can feel the joy. And only hope that my friends and followers may have good fortune and health soon.

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