Fitness Goals: April 2020

I really need to get back at it with fitness goals. I desperately need to lose weight before going back to work or I fear the cycle will continue.

Last night, I went for a short walk – about three blocks. While I have been using my cycle at home almost every day, it’s not the same as walking. I am so out of shape. By the end of the third block, my legs were cramping and I had to turn around. But it felt great to be outside again.

Today is my last day of being lazy – and then it is back at it. Here are my fitness goals for the rest of April while at home.

Get up by 8:30 am – Sunday – Friday

Shower daily – wash hair every other day otherwise it dries out

Go for a walk every day – even in the rain. Because we need it – and I love the rain.

Eat healthy – avoid the junk food which I need to stop buying. Eat more kale and vegetables. I did pretty good yesterday until the munchies kicked in last night. I also need to be better at using up all the food in my fridge before it goes bad. So tonight – I am thinking egg salad or maybe get inventive with eggs benny.

I have a new phone now so I can take good food pictures again. Maybe I will get inventive even though my oven range is still not working – the light is still out.

Lose the few pounds I gained back this month. I legit gave up and felt sorry for myself being stuck at home. But there is no excuse anymore.

These are my goals for the week of April 20. I’ll come back weekly again with new goals and updates.

How are you managing at home? We’ll get through this.

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Buy me a cup of coffee? I miss Starbucks coffee.


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2 thoughts on “Fitness Goals: April 2020

  1. I started a thirty day challenge if the 1st of April. No candy no chips. 10 push-ups 45 second plank 100 flutter kicks and bicycles. I’m now at 12push-ups, 120 second planks, 200 flutter kicks and bicycles. You’re welcome join in!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been battling the fitness challenge for the last year. Mainly just trying to keep to a regular schedule and exercise daily. Good luck!

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