Easter Morning Music

This is the first Easter weekend that I’ve been home in fifteen years. Normally, Easter weekend is the busiest weekend with the church. I was wide awake at 6:28 this morning and hopped out of bed at 6:45 am full of energy.

In Denmark, they celebrate all week long as part of Holy Week festivities. Thursday evening is Maundy Thursday – which is a solemn affair that consisted of us sitting around a long table, sharing a loaf of bread and singing very solemn hymns. It was a very intimate affair. We stopped doing it a few years ago due to low turnouts.

Good Friday was also a solemn affair. We didn’t have communion but services were a little bigger. We sang a few hymns. Lit some candles. And then gathered for coffee and brunch following the service.

Easter morning – now this is when the fun began. We’d all gather early at the church. The choir would practice their songs for the service. The pastor’s wife would hide chocolate eggs around the church for the children – which there are a lot of now. The service was always filled with laughter, happy music and of course – many hugs and love.

How the world has changed today. Here I am sitting in my living room. I’ve just uploaded a video of my favorite hymns to youtube. I’m watching the pastor and his family give a sermon on Youtube and marveling at how talented they all are.

And even though I’m not religious (more spiritually open), I’m missing my little church family today. I’m missing my own family. I’m missing my dad. And mostly, I’m missing my mother who loved Easter.

So, to honour the day, I’m sharing some of my favorite Easter hymns. I’m feeling a little sentimental today and will be recording some more of my favorite music throughout the week. I think I’ve got the sound issue sorted out for now.

Happy Easter. No matter what your belief system is, Easter is about family, and togetherness. And while we can’t be together in person today, I like to think that we are together in spirit. And we can celebrate through the love of music.

I don’t even care that there are a few mistakes. I recorded it in one go. I’m rusty as I haven’t been playing for a while.

  • Hymn 1: How all the vaults of heaven sounds
  • Hymn 2: Thine is the glory
  • Hymn 3: Paschal Flower! Why do you care
  • Hymn 4: Jesus Christ is risen today

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