Sacred Music Saturday

I am now entering week four of isolation. It’s getting to me. I’ll admit it. I’ve gained weight this past week mostly because I gave up. And ran out of fresh food. I have a delivery coming on Tuesday.

I’m really missing my dad and my family in general. We are being smart and opting out of Easter dinner. We all connected last night via Zoom and I can’t tell how great it was to see the kids even for a brief moment.

We chatted for about an hour. About nothing important and we’re making plans for later in the week to get dad online with us. Hopefully we can get him on camera more too. It’s too bad my sister can’t go see him to help him out with it. But the staff at the residence have offerered to set it up for him.

He called us last night to tell us there was a lot of fighting and yelling and screaming going on in the building. I can understand why when residents who have dementia can’t have visitors. It’s a scary time for everyone.

I feel a little better today emotionally. The sun is shining again and the snow is almost all gone. I’m hoping by Monday I can get out and go for long walks again. The snow is melting fast but there is still some ice in patches.

I spent a lot of time on the piano yesterday and recorded some sacred songs. That did help pass the time. This week I need to clean out my office and really work on spot cleaning – like the floors and walls. I cleaned out my closet last week so I’m ahead of the game.

So, for today – I’m leaving you with my latest music videos. I’m working on getting a webcam so I can use it for livestreams and just record the piano.

Stay safe. How are you getting through the isolation period? What are things like in your country?

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