It’s a good day.

I woke up this morning at 7:00 am for no reason at all – and actually felt — what’s the word? Good. I jumped out of bed, checked all my social media accounts, made some coffee and got dressed.

Sort of dressed. I’m in my yoga pants and comfy shirt. But hey, they’re clothes. I’m covered.

I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. Happier. Relieved. I know I’ll have money coming in for a while and I have some set aside. Bills are paid for the next few months. I have some breathing room.

I might even buy a new bed once the stores are back open. Mine is over twelve years old and needs to be replaced soon. Yes, furniture shopping online sounds like a good thing to do. It’s like window shopping but from the comfort of my own recliner.

I spent some time on the website yesterday and added a music page. From there, you can listen to my latest releases. I still may upload music so you can download here too. But I think Spotify and Youtube are great sites to stream music too. Plus it’s free for you. Isn’t that what’s important here?

Today, I’m feeling better overall about life in general. There’s a plan for moving forward. I’m still healing. Working on weight loss. I’m still in isolation – and missing my dad terribly.

But for the most part – I’m okay. None of my family or friends are sick. Maybe we’ll get through this okay.

If you’re bored, like me, and looking for new music to listen to – check out some of my many playlists.

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