Website Hosting Woes

I’m having some technical difficulties with my website. I thought migrating this blog to a new host would be easy peasy. Instead, I’ve had to repeat myself about a three times to the same tech support agent.

Do people even read messages anymore? Or do they just skim messages and pick out key points? I mean, I shouldn’t have to say three times that my site is hosted via – I want everything migrated so I can use to update.

I just tried installing a new theme under – and nothing. Nada. The website comes up with a standard template. All my data has been wiped. But when I log into – everything is still here.

In short, avoid where possible. Using takes a bit of a learning curve, but using platforms like Blue Host or Siteground allow you to host several websites for much less than the price of a premium package with WP.

Confusing, right? I know. My head is ready to explode.

I also got some bad news last night. My shipper, Art of Where, that I literally spent all last weekend learning how to use and create products to ship nationally – has closed due to COVID. The impact this COVID has had on my life (and millions of other people) is unreal.

But thankfully, my paychecks are in. And my case manager is working fast on my file to get it approved. I’m trying to stay hopeful.

For now, here’s some art for you to enjoy.

If this blog disappears in the next few weeks, have no fear. I’m working on things behind the scenes. I’m hoping SG can get this sorted out fast.

How are you managing through all of this today?

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