Mostly Single is sticking around for another year!

Isolation Day 10. It’s day 10. I skipped a day. Trying to keep a sense of normalcy, whatever that means now.

I’m trying to maintain a sense of normality through all of this crazy that we are seeing on a daily basis.

I’m getting up in the morning. Showering (every other day – what’s the point when you’re not going out?)

I’m trying to follow my fasting schedule now that I don’t have any junk food around. I ate it all – lol.

I’m stocked up on canned goods and my pantry is full.

I’m exercising once a day for about 30-45 minutes. Then I do stretches.

I got my laundry done last night – the bed is all clean.

And even this morning, at my suggestion, the pastor uploaded the family singing a couple of hymns and his sermon. I suggested this as a way to reach our senior membership.

I never thought I would miss my Sunday morning family. But I do. And I miss my dad. I’m missing human contact in general.

But the good news is. I spent all day yesterday on my own ecommerce site. Probably not the best time to start my own business. But why not? Eventually, this too shall pass. Right? It has to.

Society can’t collapse for this. I’m too young for that shit. I refuse to believe it. I still have some faith in general humanity that people will choose to do the right thing. And for those that don’t, well, there is natural selection.

On the good news side. I signed up with Siteground and just upgraded to a business plan. I now have access to unlimited domain names and websites. I am in the processing of migrating mostlysingle and so….I had to spend an hour with tech support walking me through the steps. But… worth it.

It only cost $22 for the upgrade, instead of $120 with WP – crazy, right?

You will have the pleasure of my company for another year.

I am spending the morning listening to choir music – and I thought I’d share this piece. “If ye love me” – it’s beautiful. This music speaks to the soul.

Stay safe friends. Keep a sense of normalcy in your life. Through all this – that isn’t normal at all.

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