Isolation Day 8: healthy eating? Pfbt.

It’s day 7 of total isolation and I’m really starting to feel it.

I’m bored of Netflix and movies. I’m going back to youtube to watch tutorials and discover new series to watch. I might even get back into listening to audio books.

I worked on some new art pieces and have updated my Etsy store. I’m now offering shipping in Canada for fine prints. Maybe a bad time to get this started but – I actually have time to do it. I’d be happy just breaking even for costs of listings and art supplies.

I gave up on the idea of shipping internationally. For now, the math doesn’t compute. It’s SO expensive to even ship within Canada. One canvas print costs $25 for shipping in Canada. So, I’m only shipping select items.

Journals, mugs, fine prints, acrylic prints, and poster prints. I’m also working on some ideas for digital products. I’m at 28 products and the list is growing.

Diet be damned. I haven’t gained any weight. I’m still working out daily. But I’m going to order in tonight. I haven’t ordered in for FOUR months. That’s a record for me. But sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Calories be damned. I’ll just hop on the bike later.

I’m feeling okay. Tired. But mostly okay. My face has decided to act like a teenager and I’m pimply again. Online shopping is dangerous as I’m desperately searching for home remedies. My doctor is fighting the good fight and I don’t want to see her until I have to.

More good news trickling down about financial supports. Couldn’t come at a better time. Still working on negotiating a rent break or discount for the next few months. That would help to stretch money a bit longer. I think we’re heading for a deep global recession. There’s no way we can get out of this without the government implementing some kind of additional tax. Whether they increase the gst or add in a pst. Scary times ahead.

I’m keeping my head low. Keeping in touch with friends and family as often as possible. It’s funny – those who reach out to you and those who don’t. You get to know who really cares about you fast.

Back to online shopping for some household items I desperately need. I also badly need a hair cut. Might just have to do that myself for a bit.

How are you doing today?

3 thoughts on “Isolation Day 8: healthy eating? Pfbt.

  1. You’re really lucky that you have a bike. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to buy a bike and I’m seriously considering it, a stationary bike for my apartment that is. I hardly get any exercise and my only exercise is going outside for a walk IF that even happens. It’s just too damn cold outside most days. 😒

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