Isolation Day 6: slowly going insane

Conversations with myself are becoming the daily norm here. This happens when you’ve lived alone for as long as I have. Sleep is hit and miss. My hours are messed up again and I really need to get back on track.

My dieting is yo-yo’ing again. I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday and pretty much ate all the candy I stocked up on for the isolation period. I still have popcorn for desperate times. But this is why I can’t have candy or chocolate in my home. I have no self control.

I’m feeling cabin fever like I’ve never experienced before. I’m missing my dad a lot. Worried about how he is managing on his own.

I’m now on season three of SHIELD and it might be my new favorite show. I had cancelled my Canadian Netflix but got a vpn for the month so I have access to shows we don’t get here in Canada. Because, screw you, CW network!

I’ve been working on art again and trying to get my Etsy store all prettied up. Still no sales. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe it’s because the store is new and people see it as “risky”. Hopefully that will change soon.

Government broke out with news today of financial aid for Canadians and I’m breathing a sigh of relief. This may mean that my rent will be lowered and I can use that money to save up or pay off some of my debt.

I also got a good news call that my case is coming to an end soon. My file is almost complete and will be submitted for a review next week. I’m vague posting on this, I know.

I celebrated St. Paddy’s Day, with a little Irish music on Spotify. I can’t drink beer, it gives me migraines – so, it was a sober affair.

I did get my fridge and cupboards stocked. Food supply is okay for a few weeks. Freezer is jammed packed with total carbs. I fear my hardwork and dieting will definitely suffer this month.

Still feeling a little cut off from human contact. I miss my hugs. I miss my dad. I miss my friends. I miss having the option of going out and being social more than anything.

How are you holding up in all of this crazy? Make sure to reach out to seniors and those who are vulnerable and may need your help.

Sending love. Stay safe.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    This self-isolation has given me time to reflect on life. I have not gone crazy yet, since I am used to living the hermit life. However, I can understand that a lot of people don’t know what to do with themselves these days. I suggest working on hobbies, crafts, trying new recipes etc. Yes, the candy cravings are REAL. I cut myself off from getting take-out and I am not forcing myself to cook from home. I am out of chocolate and as tempting it is to buy more, I’ve decided to play a game called “clear out the pantry and make do of what you have like a caveman.”

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