Is it wrong that I’m binge watching Zombie movies?

So, I made the mistake of hitting reddit last night and read about all the outbreak stuff happening in Italy and UK – and well, now the rest of the world.

It’s official. WHO announced that there is now a pandemic.

How is this going to affect my life?

At the moment, not a lot. I might stock up again on groceries to get enough for a couple of weeks and paper supplies. But I’m not going to raid the shelves. If I have enough supplies for three weeks that should be good.

I’m not working outside my home now. But I do go out to see my dad weekly. It’s him that I’m concerned about.

People are comparing this to the Spanish flu in 1918. At least we have modern medicine – but hospitals are now picking who they get to save as hospital beds fill up.

I was in a silly mood last night, so I popped in Shaun of the Dead. I feel like horror movies like this, Zombieland, 28 Days – these movies have all prepared me for this.

I’m already an introvert. Other than Sunday mornings and doctor’s appointments, I’m not getting out much these days. Even at church today at the funeral, people were acting differently.

Now people are crying out on Twitter about “Canceling Everything”.

Wouldn’t that be nice. But its an unrealistic expectation. Bills will continue to pile up. Essential services need to run. People need to eat. People need heat and water.

It’s crazy how fast this is spreading. Every scene from The Walking Dead and every end of the world movie I’ve seen, and there’s a lot, has been coming back like a bad acid flashback.

And no. I’m not on acid right now. I’m funcionting on very little sleep. So. Sorry but not sorry. I just find this all fascinating.

Some people are claiming this is a depopulation – third world order tactic. While others are of course, blaming governments for not handling this as well as they should have.

For me… I’m just going to stay home in my pj’s. Stock up on some snack food. And hope for the best.

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