Fitness Progress & Meal Planning – March 2020

It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since I started this blog. Initially, I just wanted to write about random things and share some music projects with you. As time went on, I noticed more and more people were interested in reading about how I was trying to lose weight.

Unfortunately, health issues got in the way. The PCOS makes it so difficult to lose weight at times. I gave up a few times along the way only to try again.

I admit. My attention has been skewed and all over the place. But yesterday, I bought a second WP pack for my art stuff. And, I’ve decided this morning that since my stores should bring in some extra cash, I’m going to renew this website next month. Only, I’ll be using the personal plan which is cheaper.

After a long year, I’m FINALLY seeing fast progress with my weight loss. And despite being in my 40’s, and having a hormonal disorder, I wanted to share with you, what’s been working for me.

No, you don’t have to buy expensive supplements. You don’t have to kill yourself with cardio. And no, you don’t have to starve yourself. You don’t have to join any crazy fad groups either.

Successful weight loss is about making lifestyle changes and learning to stick with them. Here’s what worked for me.

Intermittent Fasting

I won’t go into too much detail about this. I’ve written several articles on fasting already. and what fad diets to avoid at all costs. And I even wrote an article on fasting vs. starvation. So, if you don’t know what IF is, I suggest reading those links first.

But since I started this new eating schedule, I find I’m hungry less and the sugar cravings are gone. I’m also spending less time in the kitchen which is good – gives me more time to work on the art shop. My oven range is still out of commission. Until that is fixed, I won’t be able to share new recipes with you.

Breakfast: 8:30 am to 10:30am

Breakfast is eaten when I get up. This can vary from day to day depending on when I go to bed. This morning I set my alarm up for 8:30 am and have coffee and breakfast waiting for me. My stomach is actually growling now.

Breakfast usually consists of a small bowl of cereal (Special K usually), a cup of Skim milk, a banana or handful of berries and a cup of coffee. I’ve even cut back on coffee – a lot – after my infamous coffee experiment. Sometimes I can go through an entire day of not drinking it.

When food supplies are running low (I’m lazy), I might switch to one piece of bread and peanut butter, or a bowl of oatmeal.

After breakfast, I get to work. I check all my social media accounts and do some marketing and networking for about an hour. Then I switch to my music accounts and connect with some new people there. All in all, marketing takes me about an hour a day. Sometimes I’ll do some in the evening before going to bed. It’s important to post a few times a day on different sites. I’m also learning about SEO and things like that to help promote this blog. You’ll see some very important changes soon.

I don’t count coffee towards my daily intake of calories. I drink water the rest of the day. Or 1 diet pepsi for fuzz.

Total calories for breakfast: 300


I have to force myself to take a break for lunch. Setting an alarm can definitely help with this. Lunch can be between 1:00 and 5:00 pm really. Some days, I do forget to eat. And some days, I’m not overly hungry. So, I keep lunch simple.

What do I eat? About 2 cups of kale, some chicken and a piece of fruit. Usually something light in carbs like an apple. Lunch works out to about 200-300 calories. I find kale is so filling that I don’t need much to go with it. I’m sure this is why I’m starting to lose weight fast.

Total calories for lunch: 300-400


Dinner will vary depending on what I have in the fridge. Sometimes it’s as simple as a pot of soup with some crackers. Other nights, I will make pork chops, meatloaf, stir fry, dumplings. It really depends on what I’m in the mood for. Dinner makes up for most of my calorie count for the day.

Things are getting busier now that it’s spring time. As I focus more on learning about art techniques, and running a home business, I find the desire to spend so much time in the kitchen decreases. But now that the days are longer and the sun is shining again, I definitely find I have more energy and crave healthy foods.

Cooking doesn’t take me long these days. Most foods I can cook up in less than half an hour. This is the time of year that I start using the slow cooker more and switch to frying instead of baking.

The key to dinner is finding balance. I try to include lots of fresh or frozen veggies and some kind of meat. This is where I get the bulk of my protein for the day. If I eat dinner around 6:00 or 7:00 pm, then I find it will get me through until breakfast time.

If I cave or need a snack, I’ll opt for a piece of fruit, or light crackers and low fat cheese. Something light in carbs.

Total calories for dinner: about 600-700


I think what has made a difference this month is my increase in daily exercise. I stop once in the morning just before lunch to do my stretches. This involves lying on my bed and using the exercise ball. I find this really helps to build up strength in my wobbly knees. It also helps to drop inches fast. I’m down two inches already in two weeks of this routine.

Later in the day, I’ll take another break and do some light cardio. Sometimes I’ll do stretches while cooking or while waiting for meat to thaw, etc. I just try to keep moving as often as possible.

About three or four times a week, I’ll hop on my bike. But what’s really working is resistance training and using the exercise ball.

I’ve dropped THREE inches in the past few months from this alone around the waist. Once the snow has melted, I plan on going back to water fitness classes. They are so fun.

Photo by theformfitness on –Fitness goals, right?

Calorie Tracking

I’m back on the calorie tracking to see how much I’m actually eating each day. I try to aim for at least 1200 calories to stay healthy. Most people need more than that. But with illnesses like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, what tends to work is a lower carb diet.

Some women I know have great success with keto which I’ve gone into great detail before. That didn’t work for me. I love bread. I need bread in my life. Even if I just cut back to a couple of pieces a week. I still need that white goodness in my life.

A healthy calorie goal is 1500 for the average woman – this is due to hormones. It is suggested that men take in a higher calorie count – not going lower than 1800 calories a day. How much you take in will depend on how active you are. The more your body moves, the more food you need to sustain your energy levels.

I’m thinking of starting a second Etsy store. I may work on some fitness trackers and posters to help you out with this. I’m also looking into affiliate marketing for this blog to help bring in some extra cash later on this year.

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Moving Forward

So, that’s how I’ve dropped weight quickly in the last few months. As you can see, I’ve opted for the harder way! But you know what? I’m loving it. I have more energy than I’ve had in months. I’m finally seeing progress. The lard works in mysterious ways and the scales are still not showing much progress. But as written in this article, don’t rely just on the scales. Go by how you feel, endurance and how your clothes fit.

Have no fear fellow weight loss friends. This journey is an ongoing battle one that I will face for a long time. I’ll be renewing my package for another year but I’m cutting back on some features. The US-Canadian dollar rate is terrible right now, so unfortunately, I have to skip the premium package.

But at least you can still enjoy these blog posts with helpful hints on weight-loss.

I’m also really enjoying learning about E-Commerce, marketing and SEO. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned to help build websites and followings. I think this is something we can all benefit from.

And lastly.

If you’re here – please consider donating to help with costs of this blog. As you can see, there are no ads – yet. I feel this may change as I move towards affiliate marketing. I’ve already signed up with Vista Print PRO Advantage for the shop. I’m looking for more general health and fitness companies who may be willing to work with me. This blog still grows despite the fact that I haven’t advertised it. I guess the SEO thing – really does work.

Thanks so much for being here. I’ll be back soon with fitness related tips.

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