5 Healthy snacks to help lose weight fast

I surveyed my fitness group recently for some ideas on healthy snacks. The answers were great. I thought I would share them here with you. The pictures are mine – I just haven’t spent a lot of time in the kitchen the last month to share new ones with you.

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

An apple goes a long way. Add a bit of crunchy peanut butter to your delicious red apple slices and voila. You have a delicious and health snack with added protein.
It seems I don’t have a picture for apples. But let me assure you. This is delicious. You can also add some low fat cheese slices with the apple. It tastes SO good.

Fruit and Yogurt

This is my go-to snack in summer months. Makes especially great recipes for smoothies. A cup of low fat or pro-biotic yogurt with a handful of fruit can be so delicious. Add a spoonful of cocoa for that added chocolate punch.

Flavoured Rice Cake

Rice cake and rice crackers can be very filling. They come in many flavours. I switched recently to rice chips and will snack on them instead of reaching for the Lays or other unhealthy snacks. Again, I don’t have a picture for this one. But you can spice up the rice cake with a bit of strawberry jam or slice of low fat cheese.

Raw Vegetables with Hummus

I used to snack on this until I got so sick of hummus. But if you enjoy munching on raw vegetables, then hummus is definitely great to pair it with. Carrots, beans, snow peas, cucumbers and squash all go well with hummus. Hummus comes in all flavours now, from original to really spicy – you can pick up a jar of hummus for less than $5.

Banana and Peanut Butter

Another win for peanut butter – I usually opt for Kraft Crunchy PB. PB goes well with so many kinds of foods. Banana, apple slices, one piece of whole wheat bread, and so on.

Hope you enjoyed these healthy snack ideas. What do you reach for when you have the munchies?

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