Celebrating Canadian Music – International Women’s Day

My ever faithful friend Wally, a young lad from Poland, wished me a “Happy Women’s Day” as I hopped out of his car. I looked at him and said, “Huh?” He said, “Oh yeah, I guess it’s not that big of a deal here – but out in Poland, it’s a really big deal. Lots of festivals and stuff.”

Wally’s my ride. He drives me places wherever I need to go. This is one of the reasons I’ve struggled over the years with success in music and business. I don’t drive. By choice. I never liked driving. Sitting behind the wheel just stressed me out. Sure, going by cab and Uber can get expensive. But I truly am a home body. The only time I miss the option of driving is on weekends when I want to go shopping and run errands. But in the mean time, Wally, is a saviour.

We often joke that if I ever win the lottery, I’d hire him as a full time chauffeur.

So today – I’m honouring the women in my life. My mother was a great woman. My auntie Esther was one of my favorite people. We lost her in 2007 – almost exactly 13 years ago. My grandparents. I wish I had known my mother’s mum. She seemed like an amazing woman. She died before any of us were born.

Today, I’m honouring my nieces. I know we shouldn’t say we have favorite nieces or nephews. But I hear from my niece Katie and her brother Noah the most. That happens in big families I guess when you go your own ways and get busy with life. So today, I’m honouring my sisters and my nieces.

And in music – I’m celebrating the mega talent we have across Canada. I’ve created a playlist on Spotify to help celebrate the wonderful music of our talents like Celine Dion (in moderation please), Anne Murray, Alanis Morisette, Loreena McKennitt, Jann Arden, kd lang, and so many more.

Check it out – here’s the link. The list is still growing as I discover more artists. And this is part of my new series of playlists celebrating Canadian music.

Canadian Music Vol 1 – Women & Music

Canadian Music Vol 2 – Best of Canadian Music

Featuring the best of Canadian music over the decades.

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