March Update Newsletter – affordable digital downloads

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been a busy little bee working on older art pieces and sifting through years of photography to see what I can salvage and sell on Etsy. I’ve also watched a lot of tutorials. I’ve learned so much this week about being a shop owner. What are these things?

Mock ups – staging photos for your Etsy store

How to create things on Canva – I had no idea how many things you could make on Canva. I purchased the pro package and my designs are coming along. I’m still looking for courses to take from home on graphic design in general.


Creating multiple stores

This sounds like the best idea for me. I’ll have one store under the same name for stationary products, and one store for original art work & photography. If I start selling bracelets, I’ll start a third store. Sounds like a lot of work but better to keep things organized.


This afternoon, I’m hoping to spend some time on branding. The name “jenwen” was easy enough to come up – it’s a play on words of my real name. Easy to remember too. But the visual branding has always been a challenge for me. Luckily, I have pro memberships on Canva and Mock Up websites to help me with this. It’s actually quite a lot of fun.


I’m going to start sending out bi-monthly emails. So, if you’re interested in receiving these emails, please sign up for my email list. I’ll be creating a new email account for this (again) and it will come from a gmail account. Some months might only be one email – I promise I won’t send spam. Once I get enough followers, I’ll start offering discounts and deals.

Items for sale – artwork & photography

For now, you can download some of my digital artwork for personal use. I’m pricing them under $10 for now. Larger prints (16×20 and up) will be priced higher because they take longer to make. With all items, I’m including the following files:

Smaller prints:

  • 8×10 high resolution image (300 dpi)
  • 5×7 high resolution image (300 dpi)
  • 4×6 high resolution image (300 dpi)
  • Disclaimer and printing info (pdf)
  • Thank you card! (nice touch?)


Larger Prints

  • 9×12 high resolution image (600 dpi)
  • 11×17 high resolution image (600 dpi)
  • 16×20 high resolution image (600 dpi)
  • Disclaimer and printing info (pdf)
  • Thank you card


Photography Prints

You can now start downloading some of my photography from over the years. I’m going through about ten years of photos to pick the best. Photos will be available in two files – 8×10″ and 5×7″. Most of the images are in 300 dpi – high resolution and are saved as jpg images. However, some of my older photos maybe edited into a “mock up” document in Canva.

These photos will be great to use in your blogs, as desktop backgrounds, or you can print them out and display them in your home.

Please head on over to my Etsy shop. It’s brand new and I haven’t had any sales yet. This is just a hobby for now and will help pay off a few medical bills that have piled up over the last few months. I hope one day to have a full blown store that I can sell my own hand made crafts and offer shipping. That is the goal – that is the dream.

I’ll be sharing some of my jewelry designs here too – so stay tuned. Lots of great content coming your way soon.!

(Oh yeah. The fitness challenge is still going great. Maybe I will do monthly updates. I’m losing weight fast and feeling more energized.)

Re-branding Mostly Single

Thank you so much for reading! Mostly Single is coming to an end soon – effective April 2020. But have no fear – I will still be here. I will just be posting about art projects & creative projects as they come up! My old posts will remain active – but this website will be going through a complete overhaul. So, less posts about day to day life – and more posts about business, being a shop owner, and DIY arts and crafts. This is the stuff I am passionate about and love to share with others. Fitness stuff while important, just doesn’t get me excited at the end of the day.

Sign up for email list here! Never miss an announcement or sale!

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