The wonderful world of Etsy

Late last night, I was on youtube (of course) searching for things I can do in the future for passive income. Something I can easily make money from to pay off debt – and pay off some of the money I spent on my music career.

I figure if I’m not making money in music, I’d try something else.

The Youtube burn out is real. And after only a few months, I’m getting burned out. It seems pointless to create daily content when only a handful of people see your stuff or don’t bother watching the video all the way through.

Which got me thinking – should I even be writing music? If only a handful of people are listening?

Well, I guess yes. Because those are the people that are worth creating content for.

I discocevered some unique ways to sell digital downloads on Etsy. So, I am now an Etsy store owner! I half expected to see a bunch of sales when I woke up. But not really. Only 8 views. I guess you have to put out a lot of content to get noticed.

So today’s update, I’m back into digital art and going through some older pieces. I’ll be working on the following items:

  • Digital greeting cards
  • Posters
  • Resume templates
  • Other templates – presentations, documents, etc
  • Photos that can be used as desktops or for printing

I hope to be creating content if not every day, at least several times a week.

Yes, I will still write music and stuff. But I desperately need cash. And I need to think about the future. I’m not getting any younger.

If you’re on Etsy, please head on over and – can you follow stores? I think so. It’s called Jen Wen Art – and I love it.

I am also really annoyed. A lot of this stuff I’ve done for years as a hobby. Who knew you could capitalize it? The only downsize is Etsy takes a chunk of change but it’s still lower than other sites. A 5% per sale and $0.25 per ad. But hey. I hear some people have made a lot of money here.

I’m hopeful.

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