Saturday morning coffee & a new Patreon page.

Here we are. It’s Saturday morning and I’m enjoying a bowl of cereal and luke warm cup of coffee. I’m feeling pretty good albeit tired today. I crawled into bed at 10:30 pm last night! I was so tired. I guess that means my sleep schedule is mostly back on track and that’s a good thing.

I logged into all my music accounts this morning to check on stats and I have a whole $2.12 in royalties from music streams waiting for me. I was lucky that I was added on a few playlists onto Spotify and I’ve made a few of my own in collaboration with others. That’s a lot of streams to get to that.

Spotify pays $0.006-0.008 per stream. So, unless an artist is earning at least 5000 streams per month, there isn’t much money to be had. Even youtube has hit a bit of a snag. But I’m working on making new and cool videos with audiographs.

What’s an audiograph? This is an audiograph and it’s pretty neat.

I’ve found some other ways listeners can help support my music and art. I know. I know. There are a millions of musicians out there that produce content, why should you support me? In supporting my music, you are helping me pay off some debt that has occurred over the last few months while fighting illnesses. And you can help by supporting this blog with the renewal fees coming up soon.

Patreon is a wonderful site. I started a brand new page and have enabled Tier memberships. There are three levels. One for $2 monthly for general support. A $5 tier program for access to exclusive content like shout out videos and longer video streams. I also hope to record some how to videos and general tutorials about music and the industry.

Why you should listen to me? Why not? I have nearly 40 years of experience under my belt and am an old school musician. I have real live stage experience as a concert pianist, church organist and even a clarinet player in a large 55 piece ensemble band.

How you can support this blog

By joining me on Patreon! There is also a Tier for VIP – those with a lot of disposable income who want to share their wealth to support my music. You can submit a one time payment of $100 or join on a monthly basis. Mostly, I’m just testing it out to see if anyone even uses it. It’s an experiment.

Please consider following my Patreon page, youtube channel, and heading over to Spotify to listen to some instrumental music. I’m still working on a Celtic album and a Danish folk tune album.

So, stay tuned for lots of exciting news. And yes, I’m still exercising and focusing on health too. Many interests all over the map. Lots of plans. I just hope my health keeps up for this to happen.

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