Moving forward. The sun is shining again.

No updates today. My diet has been a bit slack but I told my doctor that I was “attempting” intermittent fasting and she said, word for word, “I don’t object to that. You’re doing the 16:8 schedule right?”

Looks she and I are on the right page about that one. She wants me to start thinking about going back to school and retraining for other kinds of work. She says sitting at a desk is killing me and I agree with her on that.

It was a good but short visit. I’m worried for the future of our health care system thought. The province nulled their agreement with our doctors today. What this could mean is even longer wait times and even shorter appointments.

That means I need to really focus on getting healthy. But what I really need is to see a specialist. I can’t make any decisions until that appointment has been scheduled.

So, it’s a waiting game. I’m looking for things I can do from home. I’m also contemplating on what to do for dinner. There is a pound of ground beef that I need to use up but I’m kind of tired of beef. I was thinking of trying some kind of Asian dish – or even Korean bowl. Or maybe I’ll do what I do best and throw in a random bunch of ingredients and see what transpires. I may even share a picture or two.

I have new medications to help with the swallowing issue which means doing a daily rinse – which I absolutely loathe.

So – that’s where we are today. The good news is – the sun is shining. The weather is warm. And it’s still light outside at six pm. That’s amazing.

I’m feeling better about things in general. The optismism that things will work out as they are meant to has returned. Of course, I’d still take that sugar daddy who wants to spoil me rotten and buy me pretty things. Everyone deserves pretty things, right?

Speaking of, I desperately need a haircut. I’ve put it off far too long.

How’s your week going? Any plans for the upcoming weekend?

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