Celebrating 400 readers with a special gift! (now with preview)

In celebration of reaching 400 readers today, I have released a new album to Itunes, Spotify and Youtube. The album consists of 9 original instrumental tracks for piano music. It’s called Piano Scenes.

The album will be available for streaming on these sites if you have memberships. If you can’t afford to pay for music, please just stream as often as you can – every stream counts.

The pay system for these websites is ridiculous – we only get $0.006 for each stream. I have exactly $1.54 in my DK bank and that is from six months of streams – under 1000 still.

So please, head on over to my Spotify profile, give it a follow. Head on over to Youtube, and give that channel a sub. I still have plans to record a Celtic inspired album and a Danish folk tune inspired album.

This is all instrumental and recorded in my home studio. Music is just a hobby for now, but it is my true passion and I appreciate your support!

And in celebration, I have lowered the price of the album from $9.99 to $4.99 for 9 tracks, or $0.69 per track if you wish to purchase it.

Click on the album art above to preview the tracks.

Stay tuned! The album will be on Youtube in the next 24 hours.

I also figured out how to do this nifty thing called an audiograph and I like it.

Youtube music

Spotify Music


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