Coffee and a little music to calm your nerves

It’s Wednesday morning at 8:50 am. I jumped out of bed at 8:20 am so I could get on the phone right away with EI. The lines open at 8:30 am. I called and was told the call volume was too high. I called again. And again. I finally just hung up the phone in frustration.

My application was submitted on January 10th but my employer dragged their heels getting the ROE information submitted even after I hounded them for two weeks straight. It was finally uploaded last week!

I’m still contemplating the future. My oven range is still out of commission so no more lovely food pictures for you until that gets fixed. I also need groceries. It’s amazing how fast one person can go through healthy food.

Fitness progress — regressing. I swear. I can eat rabbit food for a week and gain five pounds. I think it’s mostly hormones.

I saw my dad last night and it was a good visit. I totally forgot it was Family Day. So the timing was good. And the crazy lady that lived next to him on his old floor followed him downstairs to his new suite. She’s legit crazy. I wouldn’t normally call patients with dementia crazy but she has a potty mouth on her that would make my ex blush. And she just screams and wails for no reason at all.

So… today. It’s -35 out there and nothing can make me go outside. I may just get my food delivered and be lazy for once.

I also got the reminder that my renewal fee is coming in April for $120 plus the domain fee. So, if you have a heart and can afford it, please consider donating so I can keep this website ad free for you.

I also uploaded some new piano music on youtube and it sounds amazing. I sound like a real pianist. You should go subscribe and help me get to 1000 so I can get monetized.

Please? Pretty please? I have almost 400 readers – if you all flock to youtube, I’ll be half way there!


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3 thoughts on “Coffee and a little music to calm your nerves

  1. Your piano music gives me chills, it is SO GOOD! I subscribed to your YT channel from my personal account. I have a YouTube channel as well, but I am not currently logged into that one at the moment. Keep uploading music to YouTube – your style reminds me of this pianist I listen to called Smyang Piano who made it big in the YouTube world. You could be next!😊💕

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