Sunday thoughts: I think I just experienced a ‘road rage’ incident

Today after church, I stepped outside into the frigid cold air wishing I had worn more than my thin black jacket. Have I mentioned that I am so tired of winter weather? It’s snowing again and the snow is already piled up in copious amounts. To the point that you can’t really get to your cars safely in most spots.

This is why we have a “loading” zone in front of the church. Most of our regular attendees are elderly and use canes or have rides that pick them up. Meaning they need a clear spot to walk to get tot their cars or they have friends or family who help them into their cars. This is also why we built an elevator in the church so that folks in wheelchairs could attend services.

I saw my ride heading in my direction and was about to step up to the loading zone, when this lady in a large white truck pulled in. RIGHT IN FRONT of the loading zone. I couldn’t even get to the car that came to pick me up. That’s how much snow we’ve had.

I waved at her and shook my head. I was NOT yelling. She finally rolled down her window. I said calmly,

“This is a loading zone. You can’t park here,” I said and pointed to the church. “There are lots of elderly members here.”

‘i’ve parked here lots of Sundays for church!” she YELLED back at me. Ignoring her son in the front seat. Good role model mom.

“There is no parking here. They forgot to put out the sign today. This is a loading zone. You do know what a loading zone is?” I again, said calmly but loudly so she could hear me over her loud motor.

“Fine, fine,” she said and i watched in horror as she backed the truck up slowly, nearly hitting the car behind her – my ride.

“You do realize, I can’t get to my ride now, right?” I said to her as she stopped the truck again. At no point was I yelling at her — not at this point.

“Fine! You can go yell at someone else now!” she said angrily as she pulled away.

That’s when I lost my cool and yelled back, ‘then next time pay attention!” I mean, that’s not what popped into my head. But… she had a kid in the front seat and unlike her, I was trying to remain calm.

I watched as she peeled away, nearly swerving her vehicle into another one that was turning the corner. Her truck was slipping and sliding down the road.

So, let’s recap, shall we? She parks in front of a loading zone – in front of a building that caters to mostly seniors. I ask her politely to move her truck as she was blocking the loading zone. She in turn yells at me, and nearly hits the car behind her as she angrily pulls away. — and I’m the bad guy in this scenario?

I mean, really????!!!!!!

I have nothing else to say, except WHAT THE F is wrong with people?

A loading zone = no parking. I mean… it’s not rocket science is it? Am I missing something?

And so, that’s how I ended my day with a random encounter with an irresponsible mother who yelled at me for pointing out her error.

Maybe I should have let her park there – because the church is starting to hand out notices for tickets and has on qualms about having vehicles towed.

It’s like the d-bags that insist on parking in the handicapped stalls when we’ve clearly pointed out the no parking sign to them. They just shrug their shoulders and walk away.

I’m sure people like her will get what’s coming to them. Karma.

I hear she’s a bitch.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. It’s such a shame children have to see stuff like that. And then parents complain how their kids talk to them… what do they expect given their upbringing.

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