Saturday thoughts & morning music sessions

Here it is Saturday – my favorite day of the week. I got up early and made the most of my day. I know my time at home is coming to an end soon and I have to think about the future – which means thinking about the future this blog.

I can’t justify the $120 a YEAR (not a month, that’s insane) to keep it running for the amount of views I get daily. I’ve tried combining all the things I love. Music. Art. Food. Cooking. But what people really want to read is the fitness posts, or inspirational posts.

i keep hitting snags or funks where I run out of ideas. The oven is out of commission still – so no food videos or pictures for a bit. Luckily, the oven works. But no pictures until the unit is replaced.

However. There is a silver lining. A couple of friends suggested that I continue with music. One suggested hooking up my camera to my computer and holy shit. I recorded some practice sessions this morning and am amazed at the quality of video it produces. I’m feeling inspired once again to pick up music.

Music – it’s my true love. The unfortunate thing is not many people want to read about music. So…. how to combine this blog with my love for music and still get readers and engagement?

That is the conundrum of day and one i will be pondering for some time. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of deleting my domain name and may have to go back to using my original one that I had back in 2008ish.

I love websites and writing. But music has been part of my life for forty years. That’s the longest relationship I’ve had with, well, anything really. Does family count?

So, I’m still mulling things over. But today, I wanted to share this video with you. Music comes and goes. Inspiration is fleeting. But my love for this craft – it’s a life long bond.

Here is my first Saturday session for you – this is me, really just showing off and having fun. Thankfully, there is no delay and it worked out well. I edited the audio in a separate program so it’s professional sounding quality.

And thanks to another dear friend for the donation. it is appreciated. I have put in thousands of dollars of my own money into my career – I’m having positive thoughts on a return investment soon.


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