Fitness Tips: my favorite resources (repost)

Over the years I’ve discovered some great resources for fitness tips, exercise routines and articles on proper form. I’ve decided to share some of my top resources with you.

Here are my top 5 recommended resources for exercise routines, tips and advice.

Body Building.Com

This channel isn’t just for lifters. I often visit this website and use it as a general resource for exercise routines. When I want to check on my form or learn more about nutrition – this is usually my first stop.

Fitness Blender 

Fitness Blender is one of my go-to resources to learn technique or form for specific exercises.

Spark People

I really used to like the website Spark People. It was a great way to blog about progress and track my calorie intake and activity. But the site has been overrun by ads and spam. I do still visit their channel on youtube from time to time for low impact exercise routines. They also have 10 minute routines that target specific areas.

Billy Blanks – Tae Bo Fitness

When I was at the pique of my fitness in 2012, I loved doing cardio workouts. Tae Bo, and Cardio Kick Boxing quickly became my favorite routines. I stumbled across Billy Blank’s channel on youtube and was hooked. His energy is amazing when you need a boost or added motivation.

Yoga with Adrienne

This is a new discovery for me. Yoga has never really been my thing but I know it’s popular. I really like this channel. Adrienne has great tips and routines for all people of all ages and fitness levels.

Honorable Mentions

PopSugar Fitness 

Fitness FAQs

General Fitness Motivation

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