Monday Ramblings – Education really is important.

My plans for getting up early this morning were foiled. I was in bed by 1:00 am last night but just could not sleep again. I finally fell asleep around 3:00 am and entered la la land. My dreams were so far out there too and I dreamed of friends I haven’t seen since my twenties. The mind is a strange place sometimes.

Finally crawled out of bed and nearly cried when I stepped on the scale. But have no fear. I think it was just the flatbread pizza I ate while watching the Oscars. Back to low carbs this week and fasting. I stopped eating at 7:30 pm and just scarfed down a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. I find coffee to be quite filling in the morning. I never was much of a breakfast person.

Thoughts are filling my head of what to do for the future. I do have options. My EI should be coming in soon – like in two weeks time. It’s pretty easy to get approved and much needed to pay the basics of living. But time is running out and I really need to think about options.

The number one option my doctor wanted me to reconsider is going back to school. I’m looking into courses that can be completed in under a year. My issue is not commitment or dedication to learning. It’s sticking with something before I get bored of it all together.

I’ve love to be an independent consultant – but on what? Music is so hard to make a living off of. Even music blogs struggle. Streaming sites have made it nearly impossible to make a decent living off releases – unless you’re someone like Pink or Justin Timberlake who gets millions or billions of views per songs. Even YouTube is hard to break into now. Everyone is trying to be the next best thing since – well, Markiplier who just hit the 25 million sub mark. Crazy. He made almost $20 million last year alone.

So, what to do? Here are some things I’m considering.

  • Health coach for people losing weight – but I’d need to lose more weight first myself. I have the years of research and practice. One program in Alberta is FOUR years for a masters in food nutrition. That is insane.
  • Spiritual counselor – but would anyone even pay for these services? Again, I’d need more training.
  • Blogger – yeah, I mean this is the dream right? Get paid to just blog and write all day? But at this point in time, it’s not realistic. I need money coming in. This blog isn’t generating nearly enough traffic yet to make that kind of money.
  • Life coach – but again, would people pay for these services?
  • Employment counselling – I would excel at this – but in this market? We’ve hit our highest unemployment rates – that I’ve ever seen in this province.

I really wish I had made the change two years ago when I was looking for work. But I doubted myself and got too comfortable in my current position to do much of anything about it. Now I’m regretting my decision.

If you could do life-do over at 42, what would you choose to go into?

If I had been smart about it, I’d have gone into Business Administration and got my bachelors when I was younger. Don’t be stupid like me. Education is really important.

Unless that sugar daddy is out there waiting to meet me. Or Leo DiCaprio finally invites me to that yacht party I’ve dreamed about for years.

I missed my calling on so many things I could have been. It’s scary to think about the things I could be.

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  1. Hilary Tan says:

    Why aren’t you happy with your weight? I find I lose weight when I don’t try. It’s when I try to control what I eat and calorie count, that’s when the scale doesn’t budge.


  2. mostlysingle says:

    The PCOS makes it so hard to lose weight – I’m obese and my doctor says it’s time to drop the weight I gained from a knee injury! The pictures I use aren’t me – they’re from the free library. But yeah – it’s such a struggle with the hormones.

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  3. Hilary Tan says:

    It would be cool to upload some personal photos but I get the vulnerability thing. When I first started blogging I used free photos too but now I mostly use my own.

    That’s fair – PCOS is not fun to deal with. My sister in law has PCOS but her weight is mostly due to by her poor diet/unhealthy eating habits. Having a knee injury would definitely present additional challenges, especially when it comes to exercise. And hormones make me crave chocolate like crazy – I couldn’t imagine feeling that way all the time! Do what you gotta do to feel comfortable in your own skin. 🙏🏻💕

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