Daily fitness updates – I love kale!

Okay, I’m having a serious beef with wordpress. That’s now three posts that I’ve scheduled to post automatically at 11:00 am only to find out that no – these posts did not post as planned. Because somehow the time changed to 11:00 pm! Who the heck other than me, reads posts at 11:00 pm WordPress?

I’m trying to maximize the usage of bells and whistles that come with this paid plan I have with WordPress. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to afford the renewal payment for April – but that’s another worry for another day.

Today’s been a pretty good day so far. Got my groceries delivered and I’m chewing on one piece of coffee cake, kale and chicken as I type this. I also stocked up on fruit – so I have blueberries, kiwi and plums for the next couple of weeks. I also picked up some yogurt and have rolled oats left over. I’m sure I can make something magical out of this.

I also found a bag of bran that I bought last year. I hope it’s still good – it was expensive. But I never seem to have all the ingredients needed for bran recipes. Like brown sugar. Bleh. This coffee cake is really good.

As I waited for my delivery, thank goodness for good friends, I wandered carefully to the garbage bin. Our back parking lot is full of snow and ice. I’ve never seen so much snow since living in this building. Fresh snow tends to make it easier to walk on ice. Tomorrow might be a different time of story. Spring is fun! They say we might get an early spring this year.

I’m still having hot flashes like crazy. Being outside felt good. I may have to make an effort to get outside for a short walk every day. I’m going to open the windows to air this place out.

I’m getting a little restless and need to find something to do to fill in the hours of the day. Cooking, exercising and all that only adds up to about two or three hours.

What else can I say? Go to my What’s Cooking page – I’ve updated the page with new recipes. I’ll be adding more as I get back into the kitchen. After two weeks of clean eating my stomach is feeling so much better.

How’s your Thursday going?

Kale kale kale – I’m obsessed with kale!

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