It’s painful. Like losing a family member, almost.

Well, it’s been a good six year run. I guess??

The tech came out this morning right at 11:00 am. He spent about five minutes looking at my oven-hood/range combination. I’ve never had one like it in the many apartments or condos I have lived in. I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure that the button to turn the light and fans on was on the actual microwave.

“Let me call my shop for a moment,” he said as he peered into the microwave.

“Yeah? Really? Wow, okay,” I heard him exclaim into his radio.

“Did you know your microwave is 17 years old?” he asked me.

“Uh, what?” I asked him to repeat his answer.

“It’s 17 years old. It’s time to retire it,” he replied with a solemn face.

“But – but. I need it – for pictures and stuff. Of food,” I thought to myself. “I’ve been here six years,” I heard myself say. “Six years, I guess it’s a good run. I mean, I guess,” I felt the reality of it sinking in.

“Six years?” he repeated.

I nodded.

“Then I think you deserve a new one!” He said as he walked out my door.

I haz a bit of a sad now because that means I’ll have to come up with some way to make the light softer in the kitchen. We have LED bulbs and they are so bright. Pictures either come out extremely unfocused or too dark. Even with my Nikon.

And so, there will be no recipes or food pictures this week. I guess this is a good time to go back into my archives and write up some older recipes.

And that’s been my Monday so far.

Oh yeah. I caved a little. One piece of bread. I was so hungry though that I don’t think I ate enough over the weekend. I’ll figure out the right balance soon. I don’t think I could make it 24 hours fasting. I can barely make it through 16.

Farewell dear microwave. I don’t even own you. Since I’m a renter. But it’s been a great six years and you’ve provided many snacks, hot beverages and reheated some fine leftovers for me.


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