Sunday – all in all, a good day.

Today wasn’t a bad day at all. I had trouble sleeping last night so I wound up staying in bed until about 11:15 am.

The weird thing is, I had a lot of weird dreams about devils and demons. Usually, these nightmares take place in our old family home. But this one was like watching a movie. And I remember seeing the same demon face throughout. Maybe I need to lay off the supernatural shows a bit.

All I know, is when I woke up this morning and walked into the bathroom. I noticed that a book had fallen off one of the shelves in my library. So weird. I hardly use my library – it’s mostly music books. And it’s just weird that one random binder would fall to middle of the floor like that. It’s almost like someone pulled it off the shelf.

I’ve had a few strange random things like that happen since moving in this condo. I’m sure there are plausible explanations for it.

Like when watching a horror movie, I heard a loud thump. Decided to go for a walk the next morning, grabbed my boots from the closet I never use. It looks like someone had pushed up the rod holding my coats and it pushed the shelf up. I had never seen anything like it. Even my landlord commented as much when he came to fix. He asked how on earth did that even happen? I blamed it on gremlins.

Not long after that, I was in my bed trying to sleep. Three am rolled around. My bedroom door flung open and smashed into the wall. I emailed my landlord who by this point, I’m sure thought I was legit going insane. I asked if he ever had that happen since I was new here.

It happened again a couple of weeks later. I was debating on whether or not to get up in the morning at 9 am on a Saturday. And as I was staring at the door, it flew open.

I pushed this out of sight and out of mind and said it must be the draft from the vent in the hallway. Right? It had to be.

For the most part, things in this condo are quiet. But every now and then something weird happens. Something goes missing. Or something falls randomly onto the ground. But pair that with a dream about a specific demon – and it just gets the imagination flowing.

Sometimes I think this would make a great book or short story. I just don’t have the discipline these days to sit down and finish something.

Stepping on the scale this morning was a treat as I’m still down those few pounds. I’m probably weighing myself too much. I ate kale again with some pepperoni and cheese for lunch. I snacked on a bowl of cereal before leaving for an afternoon service.

The service was lovely – more like a concert almost. I played three hymns on the organ. We had the choir perform two songs. And then we had some classical musicians who played/sang as well. And it made me nostalgic for my younger years. I just can’t do classical music anymore. It’s hard on the hands. My memory isn’t so good either.

In other news, my oven should be fixed tomorrow and I’m excited. This means I can start taking good pictures of food again and share them with you. No idea what I’ll be making for dinner – but… maybe some soup. Or dumplings. I also have breakfast sausages. Or maybe even pork chops. I’m getting hangry just thinking about it. Might be time for yogurt.

THANK YOU so much to my new followers. And holy crap there are a lot of you! If you’re new here and wondering what this blog is all about… I’m currently on a fitness challenge to lose weight for health reasons. I’m currently figuring life and work out. I’m currently battling some health issues. I’m also a musician, artist and enjoy writing and blogging and chatting with each and every one of you.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll be working on an article on the dangers of fasting for more than a few days.

If you have any topics you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments!

PS – I’m working on the menu of this website and changing a few things around. I have two new sections one for women’s health issues and one for freelance services. I’m also figuring how to organize my many recipes 🙂

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