The sun is shining. It’s a brand new day.

It’s Saturday, which is supposed to be the busiest day for readers. And I’m at a total loss in what to write about. I think I’ve shared all the feelings I want to share this week. I’m feeling better today – probably the best I have in a long while.

I think the pain killers really did their job during the week. I’m still down a few pounds and anxiously watching as the scale dips closer to the weight I want to be. It’s excruciating though. Like watching paint dry. Which an artist, I’ve done.

My sleep schedule is still messed up. I need to get back into a regular sleep schedule. I think that will help. I miss my early morning coffee. I’m hoping I have a few more weeks to catch up on things at home before thinking about the future.

I am on my youtube channel this morning and working to get some videos uploaded. Music comes and goes into my life. It’s still my number one love. But sometimes finding inspiration and things to write about – especially when it’s instrumental music – can be tricky. I got the brilliant idea to start doing some lesson plans and start teaching all I know about the industry.

My youtube channel has exactly 20 followers. Music is just so damn hard to promote these days. It’s a very competitive industry and every person with a cell phone thinks they can be a musician. But don’t mind me. That’s just my old school musician mentality coming out. The young kids would say “ok boomer” to me.

All I know is. My bills are paid for the month. I have a credit sitting in my Shaw Cable account – that’s one bill I don’t have to pay for a while. I’m patiently waiting for that retroactive cheque to come in so I can give it right back to my employer for their overpayment.

I’m hoping to get out to see dad later too. I haven’t been in an over a week. This is the longest I’ve been without seeing him in three years. I feel mega guilty. But the weather hasn’t been great – we had freezing rain today. I’ll have to do my penguin walk to avoid a fall. You should see the amount of snow out there. But the weather is warmer. That’s a plus – pardon the pun.

What else to say today? I’m still taking a bit of a break from cooking. I do have some new recipes to share that I created last week. One includes a delicious creamy asparagus soup. I’m almost out of kale and mushrooms so I’ll need to stock up soon.

Tell me, how are you spending this Saturday? On my end, the sun is shining. The weather is on the plus side. I’m looking forward to seeing my dad. All good things.

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  1. Adam Lambert says:

    Keep killing it!

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