When hard work, pays off. Even if the rewards are small.

Okay, so I had to share. Two good things happened today. I’m looking at ways to reduce my monthly expenses in order to save money – I don’t have.

I contacted Shaw, my cable provider. And they offered a two year deal for $95 a month for my Internet 300. They also offered to suspend my cable for up to 180 days at no charge. And on top of that — I didn’t have to pay my bill this month because of the new promotion!! I just saved myself a whopping bill of $170 for cable, internet – and even got a way faster internet speed. And it’s freaking amazing.

You can do this too! This is the main reason I choose long-term relationships with service providers. I call every couple of years to see how they can help lower bills and I save money for better service each time.

While chatting with the guy, I also got some email issues sorted out. So, all good there.

I also got a call from another case manager who gave me some great tips and resources to reach out to. I also got a lot of research done today and applications submitted for support. It was actually a pretty productive afternoon. So busy, I almost forgot to eat.

Then I just got the email – we’re getting 1% raises retroactive pay from work. That’s typical of course. I’ve been without a raise for three years working at the same salary. But you know what? Every penny counts. And it is SORELY needed right now.

So that’s TWO good things that happened day. I’m hoping Monday will be just as productive and we’ll see some results. I’m sending positive vibes to the universe. And hoping for some good luck in return.

Because honestly… it’s time! I deserve this. I deserve something good to come my way. Don’t we all?

What do you do when you’re down in the dumps to change your luck around? I’m genuinely curious to know!

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