Tomorrow is a new day.

Today’s a new day. I’ve decided to stick with a motto that I learned early on in my twenties.

Focus on things you can control in your life.

Don’t stress about things you can’t control.

Have patience. Things will work out like they’re meant to.

I am going for more medical tests next week. My doctor things I may have a cyst on my ovary which could explain my stomach issues as well. I think the fevers have been hot flashes, something I haven’t experienced in over six years.

We discussed hormone replacement therapy – she wants to wait and see what the tests show.

We discussed a few other options. I’m definitely seeking counselling for someone to talk to about the illness at her suggestion. She’s worried about the state I’m in because I’ve isolated myself from the world.

I’m getting together with some friends next week, so maybe that will help.

The problem is, when you’re sick for so long it can really wear you down. I’m still exhausted and trying to build up strength. At the moment, the pain killers are doing their thing and I’m feeling OK.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I’m taking a few days break from cooking and eating left overs from the last two weeks. I’m still documenting my journey.

You’re all wonderful.

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  1. Julie Krupp says:

    Holding you in a vision of perfect health and happiness.


  2. mostlysingle says:

    Thank you Julie. Today is a better day!

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