I have nothing positive to say today. Fuck it.

Ever have one of those days when everywhere you turn, it seems that the universe is punishing you for every thing you ever did wrong it your life? Yeah. That’s where we are today. Forget my post from earlier. I might be a little quiet this week.

Shit hit the fan. I’m consulting legal advice. I’m in a position I never thought I would be at my age.

The odd thing is – remember back in May? How happy and excited I was? And then talking about moving into my dream condo?

I’d like to know when shit hit the fan so hard that it exploded all over the place and left a proverbial disaster for me to dwell in.

I actually broke down and cried today on the phone with my case manager. There are still a couple of options but it involves more waiting. More paperwork. But least I have someone to help me with it.

I’m so tired of it. Does the weight of the world ever get you to a point where you’re just like, fuck it? Life shouldn’t be this hard?

I thought I hit rock bottom last month. But nope. I think I’ve sunken to a new level of … what do they even call stuff down at this level?

I’m going back to bed. Maybe tomorrow will have some better news. My fingers are sore from writing so many long emails today asking for help.

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