Random Thoughts: baby steps

So, the good news is I will receive a paycheck this week. Miracles do happen. I still have a few more days to wait before finding out if my application has been approved.

I’m trying to focus on the positive things in life.

Like today, I got up. Out of bed. I showered. Got dressed. Checked the mail. Spent some time in the kitchen. Watched some gaming videos. Cooked some dinner. Cooked a healthy-ish desert. And I still have enough energy to workout tonight. I even got some laundry done. Pretty wild, eh?

All in all? A pretty good day. Small daily goals. Small teeny tine baby steps towards getting healthy and being able to get my life back on track.

I caught up on some newer movies last night. I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Irishman. Two great flicks.

Mom and I used to watch the Oscars every year. It’s difficult to watch the ceremonies without her and with all the political BS that is happening in Hollywood this year. It’s why I took a break from watching movies all together.

But this year, I’m actually looking forward to Oscar night. Maybe I’ll cook a grand feast and invite a friend over to watch. I might even actually turn on my television which has been acting as an art piece for months.

Things to look forward to.

Small goals. Small steps to recovery.

What are your fitness goals for the week?

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