Winter Cooking – original recipes

Last night, I went through my old Instagram photos and realized I have a lot of photos of food that I can share with you. With each photo, comes an original recipe. It was the year 2017, when I really got into cooking and started pushing past my comfort levels in the kitchen.

I learned by watching cooking giants like Jamie Oliver and Gord Ramsey – who is actually quite lovely with children. He’s a joy to watch.

I started incorporating new and exciting foods into my diet. I worked with eggplants, spaghetti squash, yams and so many more delicious (and healthy) foods. I also learned to make quiche. Doesn’t it look delicious?

So, I think for the next couple of weeks – I’m going to share some of these recipes and creations with you. I’ll also work on meal plans for entertaining and some other cooking resources with you. That means getting back into the kitchen, which I am eager to do.

Since I’m home more, I’ve been saving money by cooking most of my meals. Alberta has officially hit “deep freeze” temperatures. We’re in a very cold snap and will reach temperatures as low as -43C tonight.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, we have Siberia to thank for this.

I’m also sitting in a condo that has very little heat. I live in an older building and heat distributes poorly. Summer months the building becomes unbearable. In winter months, it can get cold. The thermostat is reading 21C but it is set to 28C. I think tonight is a perfect night for a warm casserole – again. Because, I love my casseroles. They’re easy to make and I have all the ingredients I need.

Actually, I just remembered I have some pot barley in the pantry. Maybe it’s time for a nice homemade soup. Whatever I come up with, I’ll share the recipe with you tonight.

Hot meals for a cold winter’s night

What other hot meals can you serve on cold winter nights? Here are some of my favorites.

  • Meatloaf with potatoes and gravy
  • Creamy asparagus soup with home made biscuits
  • Hearty beef stew
  • Pork or roast beef with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes
  • Roasted chicken with steamed vegetables
  • Homemade chicken and vegetable soup
  • Use your left over chicken and make creamy chicken tarts – so yummy

For this post, I’ll link to some of my best recipes I’ve shared so far with you. I’ll also include my favorite cooking resources. In a later post, I’ll share some of my favorite cookbooks with you. Some were inherited from my mother’s library. Others were gifted to me over the years. I LOVE the Cooking Bible. It was gifted to me for my birthday back in 2009-2010 and I learned a lot about the basics of cooking.


Favorite Resources

What are your favorite go-to meals for chilly winter nights? What keeps you warm? What are your favorite Youtube channels? Please share these in the comments!

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