Personal: a rant about selling things on Facebook

Okay, so people in my local area really suck when it comes to the Buy and Sell section on Facebook. I’m going through my closet in a last ditch effort to not only make some room, but to also bring in some cash.

I’ve got a lot of nice jackets and things that have never been worn and are just sitting pretty in my closet. Perfect condition.

Here’s a sample ad I posted up.

“Bought this dress in the summer time for a wedding. I lost some weight, it doesn’t fit and never has been worn as I chose a different outfit. It’s very comfortable, very well made and a nice fabric. Must pick up. Cash only. Price firm (even stated original price which was $100). From a clean home, pet free, no smoking, no bugs.

Pretty straight forward, right? I mean, it’s written in plain English, as plain as this writer can make it be.

A message popped up an hour later.

“Is this still available? $40.”

Did I mention I H A T E lowballers? Like with a fiery passion.

“Price firm.”

“Is this new?’ she says.

“Price firm. Read the description.”

“What’s it made of?” she says.

By this point, I know she’s just messing with me to waste time. Or maybe she really doesn’t know how to read? I told her as much, blocked her – and then found out that my ad had been FLAGGED for being inapprioriate for Facebook. What?

It’s women’s clothing. It’s a DRESS. Shared to the women’s clothing category. Are dresses no longer considered women’s clothing? I know this crazy lady must have reported my ad.

So, curiously, I went through my history of messages from past attempts to sell the same items to see my history of messages — from mostly the same items that I tried selling back in the summer time.

And sure enough, most of the exchanges went the same way. Then I went over to kijii to check messages from previous sales, and there was this gem.

Before returning a keyboard that I had just purchased from Amazon, to the retailer, I thought I would try and sell it on kijji – which is a name I can never spell correctly. This was my first message received. The keyboard was BRAND new. I still had the box, packaging and had only hooked it up to my machine once. ONE time. I was asking $280 even though I paid $300 for it.

I see this had an MSRP of 300 CAD with a couple hundred dollars in software included and the ad was posted over a month ago, if it is still available and you have decided to accept a more reasonable price since then I offer 100 CAD

It was a brand new keyboard that had only been used ONCE. I mean, come on dude. Just because the ad is old, doesn’t mean the product information has changed.

Then there’s my favorite type of buyer: I don’t have money, and I don’t have a car, can you meet me at this address?

This exchange happened on a $40 jean jacket that I still have hanging in my closet. Even after receiving about a dozen messages from people who were “serious” about buying it.

“Is this still available?” she said.

“Yes. For pick up. Price firm,” I replied preemptively.

“Oh, so you can’t meet me?” she asked.

“No,” I said.

“But I don’t drive. Can’t you just meet me here? Also, I can’t afford $40 – can I give you $20?” she said.

Sigh. “I live downtown, I don’t have a car for a reason (parking is INSANE) – and no, price firm,” I say politely.

“Oh, okay then,” she said.

A week later, feeling all the deja vu’s, another message from her pops up.

“So, is this still available?”

Do you have any buy and sell horror studies?

Here’s a video of an old friend of mine, Foamy the Squirrel, who sums up my thoughts exactly here. I couldn’t find a suitable rant on youtube for this post – so, enjoy this little song. No apologies for the language in this video. Adult content. I still find it hilarious all these years later. Foamy, is an evil squirrel who desires to become an Evil Overlord of the world.

3 thoughts on “Personal: a rant about selling things on Facebook

  1. Iโ€™m happy to see that youโ€™re trying to sell things to bring in some extra cash. I hate low ballers too and will block them without hesitation. ๐Ÿ˜’

    Things that seem to sell well are electronics and video games. Iโ€™ve had no luck selling clothes. Hopefully you have better luck than I did! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


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