Personal: it’s so cold, it feels like the wind slapped my face.

Short post today. It’s so cold out there today. Like, it physically hurts my chest and face to even step outside. It was -27C this morning with a severe wind chill.

As a kid growing up in Alberta, I’m not akin to cold weather. I remember some winter nights – we’d watch as the temperature reached down to -50C with the wind. That wind is brutal. If you’ve never been slapped hard in the face, trust me when I say – that’s exactly what it feels like.

Only imagine that the hand that’s slapping your face – has been chilled on ice for several hours. Now that’s how cold it is today.

And so, it’s going to be a quiet and cozy day at home. I’m planning on putting a casserole in the oven. Might pop in a movie. Or might binge watch the last few episodes of Supernatural. I might even snuggle up in my bed and go for a nap.

I might even share a recipe with you later on.

But in reality, today’s just one of those, “I just want a steaming hot home cooked meal, and to curl up in my recliner with my electric blanket and do nothing” kind of day.

That’s where we are today. Isn’t that what Sundays are for? Except for heading to church this morning which has now turned into my one social activity each week – I’m staying indoors today.

I remind myself that the reason I live in a place that is colder than Siberia – is because in places like Australia, they have spiders the size of your head. So yeah. Canada it is.

Winter is most definitely here to stay.

Looking for some music to listen to while snuggling up to your special someone on cold days like today? Check out some of my many playlists on Spotify.

Photo credit: taken by me – 2013 Elk Island Park walk

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