The Coffee Experiment: part 3

In follow up to previous posts about my coffee experiments, I noticed something interesting this week. Because of my chronic sinus issues – I often experience dry mouth. Drinking coffee tends to aggravate it more. I have managed to reduce my coffee intake to 1-2 cups daily. And some days, like Wednesday, I find myself not even craving coffee.

The more water that I force myself to drink now that I have a Brita filter and store bought ice, the more I crave water than the coffee or caffeine fix.

Here’s Roger telling you all about the coffee addiction.

I don’t know if this is helping my weight loss progress. But… it can’t hurt right? The only time I really have sugar in my diet is when baking or in my coffee. So, cutting back to 1-2 cups daily sure helps. I can’t stand the taste of sweeteners.

McCafe coffee has become too expensive for me right now. I can’t believe how crazy tins are these days. Don’t even get me started on the cost of fruit and meat. It makes it difficult to purchase healthy foods.

Tim Hortons or McCafe? I choose McCafe.

I switched to Tim Hortons. Some days, I love it. Other days, I hate it. It tastes bitter to me. Starbucks is the same way. I do enjoy a good Second Cup latte every now and then. The Caramel ones are so damn good. But it’s such a waste of money – and a load of calories to burn off.

And so, as I’m drinking my first cup of coffee very late in the afternoon, I must say. Today’s coffee is very tasty.

I think drinking coffee has become more part of a routine than anything. I get up in the morning. Head to the bathroom. Put on some sort of clothes that aren’t pajamas. And head straight into the kitchen to make coffee. Sometimes I’m lazy and if I only want one cup – I’ll reheat the coffee from the day before.

Gasp. I know. It’s criminal. But it’s just me. I feel guilty about wasting any coffee with how much it costs. And sometimes – just that one cup of hot coffee even reheated is enough to get me going.

Survey time: How do you like your coffee?

So, fellow readers – tell me, how do you like your coffee? Are you a morning drinker like me? Or do you drink it leisurely with friends at a coffee shop? Let me know your repsonses in the comments and I’ll write up a summary. For those who don’t drink coffee – why? I’m curious to know.

I do enjoy a good cup of tea every now and then. But it’s coffee that really gets me moving in the morning.

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