Fitness Update: Slow Progress Jan 2020

I’m starting to write daily again. Mostly it’s cheap or rather, free, therapy for daily issues. Like today. My main gripe is that like clockwork – the weather went from being totally mild and enjoyable to now it feels like we’re living in a deep freeze.

I even had to crank my heat up and get out the warm fuzzy blanket. If this keeps up, I may have to grab the electric blanket that I won in a gift exchange in 2018. I’ve only used it twice. Mostly I’m afraid of tripping over wires, or setting the bed on fire. I mean, can that actually happen? It’s why I don’t leave my phone on my bed while charging.

Fire is pretty. But not in my bedroom. Or near my face. Or hair.

Minimal progress – I lost that inch I gained around my waist

The good news is I’m down about six pounds from Christmas week. I’ve been under the weather again with some kind of stomach thing. But I’m watching what I eat and exercising daily. Yesterday, I think I over did it with the exercise ball. But the stretching felt good and my body obviously needed it. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow, back at it with cycling and weights. I try and mix everything up.

I’m also forcing myself to drink more water. I don’t drink pop – but I’m terrible for those diet pepsi’s. I’ll have a cup or two of coffee with breakfast. Then it’s water most of the day – and a diet pepsi with my dinner. It’s just nice to have something bubbly. Even if it’s probably going to kill me in the long.

As for health. Well, day by day. As long as I keep up with exercising and eating healthy, I should be okay. I slipped a little today since it’s my “day off” and had pizza. But I only had a couple of slices. The rest is in the fridge for left overs. I stocked up my fridge with healthy foods.

It’s difficult to eat healthy in winter months. While cooking is easier because the weather is better for turning on the oven – the foods I love aren’t in season. Fruit is very expensive – which resulted in switching to frozen fruit.

Meal-plans for the month of January

Breakfast usually consists of things like oatmeal, a bowl of cereal, or two pieces of toast. If I have toast in the morning – then no bread for the rest of the day.

Lunch is a mixed bag – pardon the pun. Sometimes I’ll have salad, soup or left overs from the night before. Lately, I’ve been eating breakfast much later in the morning and so I usually skip lunch. In the afternoon I might snack on fruit, crackers and cheese, or something light.

Dinner is where I shine. This is when I do most of my cooking. Whether it’s a stir fry, casserole or a mix of different things – I try to spice things up and keep things interesting. It’s mostly lazy cooking. Just throw everything into one pot and hope for the best.

Snacking is tricky. I’m getting into baking again and have experimented with lemon loaf, banana bread (I know, I know. Heavy on the carbs), protein snacks, and pudding. Yes, pudding.

The other night I was craving rice pudding. So, I made regular pudding and added some rolled oats and a banana. It was delicious. I’ll make that again on the weekend.

When grocery shopping, I look for things that I can easily pull out of containers with very little fuss. Or they will sit in my fridge and go bad if I don’t do something with them. I bought a deli made chicken yesterday along with a whole bunch of veggies. So, I think sometime in the next few days I might make a chili or maybe beef stew.

We’ll see.

But for now, I’m just chilling. All plans canceled this week due to a cranky stomach. I don’t think it was the flu. I think this is just my life now. Apparently, stomach issues come with hypermobility.

Fitness challenge: Tea Tree Oil for Skincare (update to come in a few days)

I’m also experimenting with tea tree oil for skin benefits. I get breakouts once in a blue moon. I’m already on enough medication and am looking for natural ways to help fix these annoying – what I call glitches. Yes, acne is nothing more than a glitch in the system. I’ll let you know if it helps.

Image result for tea tree oil images"

I know you’re supposed to dilute it but I put the oil directly on my skin. While the three bumps I have are still red – my skin has never felt better. Could be all the water I’m drinking too.

Anyways, I’ll stop there. Maybe I need to get out more because I could probably write for hours.

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