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It’s Tuesday, and I haven’t accomplished very much this week. Been fighting some kind of stomach bug. Finding it hard to do much other than sleep and take it easy – in between all the trips to the bathroom. I’ll spare you the TMI information though. It’s been gross. Let’s just say my condo will need to be re-sanitized (or de-sanitized?) before having anyone over.

But I’m back on track with my fitness goals. I just finished doing a 30 minute work out and I thought I’d share some of my routines with you. This isn’t new information. But jotting it down reminds me of how great it makes me feel after. I have a sudden burst of creative energy that’s been lacking the past couple of weeks.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite work out routines.

Exercises for bad knees

While watching Netflix, I’ll hop on my mini-cycle and bike for 45 minutes. Some days, are shorter than others. And other days, I can’t bike at all due to knee pain. But this helps to keep my circulation flowing and strengthens my bad knee.

In addition to cycling, before going to bed, I’ll lay down on my bed and do about 5-10 minutes of stretching. I find this really helps to wind the day down and get me relaxed enough to sleep. I often suffer from hypertension in the legs which can make for restless nights.

Anything I can do while lying down – certainly helps take pressure off my knees. Thanks, hyper-mobility for those issues I didn’t ask for.

This is the exact mini-cycle that I have used for nearly three years. Very low cost, compact – and easy to travel with. I love it. Great investment for $50.00.

Building Strength

As I’m still recovering from an unknown illness that lasted several months, my key focus in life right now is a) getting healthy and b) building strength. This is going to take some time. I gained about 20-30 pounds in the past two years while battling chronic health issues. My long-term goal is to take this weight off. I have a goal which I don’t really want to share with you at this point because I’m ashamed that I let myself get to this point. But it’s a new year. And I’m going to start the year off right.

Exercise Ball Workouts

I love using the exercise ball while lying in bed. My condo only has laminate flooring – so it’s not very comforting to sit on the hard floor workout. I’m also too cheap to invest in a mat. I much prefer lying down on my bed for this routine.

With an exercise ball, you can do so much and give your entire body a good workout. Mostly, I focus on my core area and legs. But if you have a decent sized ball, you can use it as a weight and lift with your arms.

Here are some videos to get you started on this. I’ll also include some links for what kind of exercise balls you can get.

For those who do have a mat, these are some exercise routines I have enjoyed in the past.

I think all in all, exercise or stability balls as they’re called, are my favorite go to for building strength. They are versatile and can be used for abs, core section, arms and legs. They are also pretty cheap and range from $20-100+ depending on the size you are looking for. I find bigger balls are easier to work with (get your mind of the gutter – exercise balls).

You can get them literally anywhere.

Resistance training with elastic bands

Many moons ago when I had my knee surgery, using an elastic band was part of my rehabilitation therapy. I hated it with a passion. But now these bands come in all shapes and sizes. I do prefer bands with handles.

Resistance bands can provide a full body work out – whether you are standing up or lying down. If you have stability issues, try using a chair to keep your balance. Like the stability ball, you can pick up these handy devices anywhere.

I got mine at Walmart a few years back, and still works great.

Building a home gym

Because I live in an older condo building, the list of activities that I can do in my home is small. To recap, I have a small mini-cycle that doesn’t make any noise that I use almost daily. In addition to the cycle, I have invested in: stability balls, dumbbells, kettle balls, and resistance bands.

In summer months, going for a long walk or hiking helps to improve my strength – and overall mental health as well. I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated this winter.

What are your preferred exercise routines? Do you workout at home? What are your fitness goals for 2020? Let me know below.

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