What’s Cooking: In the spirit of Christmas – meal planning for guests!

Christmas is just a week away. I can’t believe it. It always seems to creep up really fast every year. You put so much work into it and then it’s just done and over with. Another year gone by. And you’re left wondering what you accomplished this past year?

I’m so not ready for Christmas. Money is tight this year because I’ve been working part time due to illnesses. Illnesses I’m still battling. So, instead of meeting friends for drinks or dinner – I’ve been inviting friends over to my condo for dinner.

My parents taught me from a young age that, you don’t invite guests over if your home is messy or if you have no food or drinks to offer them. So, I stocked up this week on things like egg nog, nachos, salsa, and food that I’m really good at cooking.

The other night I whipped up a batch of pork chop bites. I mixed them with egg and breadcrumbs. Fried the pork up with some mushrooms, onions and just the right blend of seasoning. My friend thought it was so good, she ate the whole dish!

I paired the pork up with a healthy side of steamed veggies. Which in retrospect, would have done well with a nice cheese sauce. But oh well. For dessert, we had Southern Fried Bananas which is an easy dish to make. Sorry, no pictures! I had no time to show off my creations. But I was assured, it all was delicious.

A couple of nights later, I had a friend over, that I hadn’t seen since the summer time. We spent hours gabbing. My friend who I’ll call D, has gluten issues and can’t eat a lot of the things I like to cook. Bread crumbs were out. So, I went for a light spread – the kind of the Danes serve when they have friends over for coffee in the late afternoon.

I whipped up a batch of shrimp cooked in garlic, salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil for taste. We enjoyed fresh vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes that we dipped in a delicious tin of carmelized hummus.

“That was the best hummus I’ve ever tasted!” she said – so I sent the tin home with her. It was store bought. I can’t take credit for it.

I also boiled some eggs – an old trick my mum taught me.
“These are the best damn eggs I’ve ever had!” she said to me.

And so, she went home with a doggy bag full of grapes, eggs, nachos and hummus.

Are you like me? Do you like seeing your guests happy? Receiving praise for something like cooking, something that you enjoy doing feels amazing.

When you live alone as long as I have, you sometimes forget what it’s like having people around who appreciate you.

It’s the holiday season that reminds me of this every year. Now that my home is mostly organized and suitable for company – I think it’s time to open my doors and be more social. This is why I haven’t been posting much lately. My sleep schedule is off. When I’m not sleeping, I’m in the kitchen cooking healthy meals.

I have another dear friend Bev, coming over tonight. We usually catch up over sushi. But our favorite restaurant was taken over by new management and it kind of sucks now. I’ll definitely share pictures of tonight’s meal.

It’s a feast my mother would have approved of.

  • Asparagus soup – a staple of my childhood that mum used to love.
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Crab and vegetable quiche
  • Dessert – maybe a nice mixed berry crumble

I’m disappointed in the store I get my food delivered from though. They didn’t carry green tea ice cream which is something I was hoping to serve – as we always have it when we go out for sushi. I guess we’ll just have to do with egg nog and rum!

How are you spending your holidays this year? What foods do you enjoy cooking for your guests? Let me know your traditions in the comments!

Also – don’t forget to check out my youtube channel. I’ve been posting some Christmas music that I recorded – to help get you in the spirit of Christmas.

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