Lazy Cooking – Dumplings!

I wasn’t really in the mood to cook tonight when I got home after a doctor’s appointment. But I had left over vegetables in the fridge and found a package of salami sausage that I forgot I had. That’s what happens when you put things in drawers and forget about them.

I threw in some left over veggies from last night’s dinner and added in some pork dumplings and oh man. My taste buds are satisfied.

The recipe is quick and easy. So, I thought I’d share. This recipe will serve two people, or will give you left overs for the next day.


  • 1 package of dumplings – I used frozen pork dumplings
  • About 1.5 cups of Italian sausage or salami
  • 2 cups of frozen veggies – I used cauliflower, carrots, beans, carrots
  • 1 cup of mushrooms – whole or cut into halves
  • Small onion – yellow or white
  • Spices: salt, pepper, chili flakes and some olive oil

Cooking instructions:

  • Heat up skillet on medium-heat, adding a few drops of Olive Oil
  • Add pork dumplings and let cook for a few minutes or until defrosted
  • Add in sliced salami
  • Add in vegetables
  • Add in your choice of seasoning – salt, pepper, red chili flakes, dill
  • Optional: add a few drops of Vh1 sauce for added punch

Cover the skillet with a lid and let cook about 5-10 minutes stirring occasionally. I usually wait until the sausage and dumplings have turned brown on the outside (but not burned).

If you have more time, you can cook onions and mushrooms first. But I basically just threw everything in the pot at the same time. And it was scrumptious. I’m still licking my lips and might go back for more.

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