Five Days of Kale

I’ve been focusing on mostly art and music this last week. I’m still on my fitness challenge and trying desperately to lose weight. I cook almost every day – except for days when I have leftovers from the night before. I’m experimenting more with healthy desserts using frozen fruits as well.

I ate kale last week for six nights. I’m not even kidding. One stalk of kale lasted for that many meals. What did I eat with all that kale?

  • Baked kale with chicken
  • Fried kale with chicken & veggies
  • Fried kale with pumpkin seeds & spices (this wasn’t so good)
  • Scrambled eggs and kale (delicious)

Let’s just say I’m all kale-d out. (Not Khaled, but Kale-d_.

I think the kale and vegetable dumplings were the best. I might have to make some dumplings tonight. I love dumplings.

As for weight loss. Meh. I’m doing all the right things. Exercising daily. Eating healthy and well. But the weight is just not budging. I think I’ve probably put on some muscle. But damn these hormones to you know where. This is getting frustrating.

It’s too bad fat suckers (like in Supernatural) aren’t real. Because, I’d pay for that to happen.

The lard works in mysterious ways.

How do you like your kale? Kale paired with dumplings – gets my vote.

2 thoughts on “Five Days of Kale

  1. I love kale, but Paul isn’t so keen, so as it comes in a big bag we rarely have it. I like the idea of fried and baked kale, I might have to give that a go over the weekend, never know, Paul might even like it 😀

  2. I wasn’t a huge fan of it until I started cooking it. Raw kale is yuck. But cooked with the right spices is actually quite yummy!

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